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We are Bret and Brandie, best friends, high school sweethearts, and husband & wife wedding photographers.This is where you will find our latest work and other fun happenings! We hope you enjoy your visit to our home on the web! Curious about who we are?







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March 2, 2018

Downtown Newburgh Engagement Session


Kayla & Colten | Newburgh, Indiana

Spring is right around the corner — can you believe it?! Guys, March is here! Wasn’t it just Christmastime?? As I get older, it always amazes me how quickly time passes and how quickly new seasons roll around. Springtime is by far one of our favorite seasons because that means lots and lots of engagement sessions! All of the trees and leaves start to green up and little sprigs of grass are starting to poke out! With the upcoming spring season, that means our schedule is about to bulk up and we are so excited to dust off our cameras. Bring on newly engaged couples!!

Kayla and Colten were the perfect couple to ring in this new engagement season for us. I still remember our first meeting with them (I mean, it did involve coffee – YUM!). They walked into the Starbucks hand-in-hand, giggling with each other. It was immediately apparent that love and happiness just radiated off of them. While planning their engagement session, Kayla remained excited and giddy. Not a stress in the world and happy to be on this journey with Colten, Kayla is our favorite kind of bride!

We started their engagement session in downtown Newburgh, Indiana and we were once again greeted by their beaming smiles. It was a beautiful day in southern Indiana for an engagement session!! The sun was shining and the birds were chirping… have we mentioned how excited we are for spring?! We strolled to some of our favored spots giggling the entire day. These sessions are oh so much fun for us because we get to learn all about our couples. It is always a fun experience building these new friendships! Kayla and Colten were naturals in front of the camera and posing came very easily. They naturally snuggled into each other and it was more than obvious how much joy they bring into each other’s lives. We may have laughed more with them than we have in any other session!! Instant BFFs, for sure.

Before we go any further, let’s discuss their style! OH MY GOODNESS!! I am almost certain that Kayla and Colten studied our Style Guide from front to back more than once. Their style was impeccable, to say the least. It was obvious that they took time to prepare their outfits and took our styling tips to heart. If you’re looking for some styling tips yourself, check out our blog here. Kayla wore flattering, flowy dresses and Colten looked so handsome in his sport coats and layers. Fellas, pay close attention to Colten’s layering because he nailed it!! They both paid very close attention to little details when putting their outfits together and they made sure that their outfits complemented each other.

Colten’s tan coat and his dark blue jeans paired so well with Kayla’s navy, floral, off-the-shoulder dress. It was the perfect engagement session ensemble and we could not be happier with how they turned out behind the camera! One of my favorite parts of this session was watching the two of them dance in an open field under the setting sun. There was just something so calming and romantic about watching them celebrate their love in those moments. Kayla’s pink, flowy dress moved in all the right places as Colten twirled her around that evening.

Sometimes our couples just hold a special love for each other, even a twinkle in their eyes. We absolutely adore being able to watch our couples radiate happiness in everything that they do and say. Colten and Kayla, we cannot wait to celebrate with you on your wedding day! Take a look at your sneak peek and enjoy some of our favorite images from your engagement session!

Kayla and Colten | Engaged-5.jpg
Kayla and Colten | Engaged-13.jpg
Kayla and Colten | Engaged-7.jpg
Kayla and Colten | Engaged-16.jpg
Kayla and Colten | Engaged-8.jpg
Kayla and Colten | Engaged-3.jpg
Kayla and Colten | Engaged-10.jpg
Kayla and Colten | Engaged-20.jpg
Kayla and Colten | Engaged-11.jpg
Kayla and Colten | Engaged-15.jpg
Kayla and Colten | Engaged-12.jpg
Kayla and Colten | Engaged-29.jpg
Kayla and Colten | Engaged-24.jpg
Kayla and Colten | Engaged-28.jpg
Kayla and Colten | Engaged-26.jpg
Kayla and Colten | Engaged-30.jpg
Kayla and Colten | Engaged-38.jpg
Kayla and Colten | Engaged-45.jpg
Kayla and Colten | Engaged-55.jpg
Kayla and Colten | Engaged-47.jpg
Kayla and Colten | Engaged-54.jpg
Kayla and Colten | Engaged-53.jpg
Kayla and Colten | Engaged-59.jpg
Kayla and Colten | Engaged-63.jpg
Kayla and Colten | Engaged-135.jpg
Kayla and Colten | Engaged-67.jpg
Kayla and Colten | Engaged-85.jpg
Kayla and Colten | Engaged-92.jpg
Kayla and Colten | Engaged-99.jpg
Kayla and Colten | Engaged-101.jpg
Kayla and Colten | Engaged-106.jpg
Kayla and Colten | Engaged-131.jpg
Kayla and Colten | Engaged-102.jpg
Kayla and Colten | Engaged-110.jpg
Kayla and Colten | Engaged-120.jpg
Kayla and Colten | Engaged-125.jpg
Kayla and Colten | Engaged-61.jpg
Kayla and Colten | Engaged-76.jpg
Kayla and Colten | Engaged-89.jpg
Kayla and Colten | Engaged-86.jpg



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  1. Deb

    March 2nd, 2018 at 2:27 pm

    Amazing pictures. Beautiful people

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