We are Bret and Brandie, best friends, high school sweethearts, husband & wife wedding photographers, and educators. This is where you will find our latest work and other fun happenings! We hope you enjoy your visit to our home on the web! Curious about who we are?


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We are Bret and Brandie, best friends, high school sweethearts, and husband & wife wedding photographers.This is where you will find our latest work and other fun happenings! We hope you enjoy your visit to our home on the web! Curious about who we are?







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October 22, 2018

A Cozy Corner House B&B Engagement Session


Kayla and Christian | Rockport, IN

Kayla and Christian | Engaged0018.jpg

It’s Monday and we are tackling this week head-on!! Our coffee is brewing, “A Star is Born” soundtrack is playing full-blast, and our to-do lists are ready to be checked off!! There is just something that is so motivating about a Monday. Yeah, I know…getting up the morning after a great weekend is hard sometimes, but once I get going, I am ready to just dive in head first!! We’ve been crossing things off the list alllll day and it’s feeling GREAT!!  Let’s start this week off with a blog about one of our awesome couples. Meet Kayla and Christian!!

We first met them at Starbucks (big surprise, right?!) for a coffee date. A couple of our favorite things are coffee and sweet recently engaged couples. We have a little ritual of taking out our new clients for coffee date. It’s really the first time that we all get to sit down with each other and we love being able to really connect with them. Our job is to love and serve each one of our clients and this is just one small way that we feel can accomplish that!! 

I vividly remember spending time with Kayla and Christian for the first time because the encounter was so full of laughter and we all instantly hit it off!! We were so stinking excited to meet them for their engagement session at the Corner House Bed and Breakfast in Rockport, Indiana. Kayla and Christian are tying the knot there, so it seemed appropriate to explore and spend some time on the property. Bret and I absolutely love this little venue and we will take absolutely any excuse to shoot there!!

Their session was on one of the first crisp and cool fall days that we have had in southern Indiana.  We all welcomed the cool breeze as the sunlight peeked through the trees. That cool breeze also makes snuggling that much more fun!! I mean, snuggling is fun all times of the year, but there is just something about snuggling up to steal the warmth from your significant other!! Kayla obviously knows a thing or two about style because she brought her A-game!! Look at all of her adorable little outfits!! They were all the perfect choice for the rustic backdrop and they matched Christian’s outfit choices to a T!! 

Bret and Christian are literally two peas in a pod. They spent the whole evening cracking jokes with each other back and forth. We had an incredible time watching the Kayla and Christian giggle throughout the session. We, of course, ended our session underneath the setting sun while Kayla and Christian danced in the middle of the field as if they were the only two in that moment. These moments will literally NEVER get old, EVER!!! We are counting down the days until we see them again on their wedding day at the Corner House Bed and Breakfast!!

Kayla and Christian | Engaged0001.jpg
Kayla and Christian | Engaged0002.jpg
Kayla and Christian | Engaged0003.jpg
Kayla and Christian | Engaged0004.jpg
Kayla and Christian | Engaged0005.jpg
Kayla and Christian | Engaged0006.jpg
Kayla and Christian | Engaged0007.jpg
Kayla and Christian | Engaged0008.jpg
Kayla and Christian | Engaged0009.jpg
Kayla and Christian | Engaged0010.jpg
Kayla and Christian | Engaged0011.jpg
Kayla and Christian | Engaged0012.jpg
Kayla and Christian | Engaged0013.jpg
Kayla and Christian | Engaged0014.jpg
Kayla and Christian | Engaged0015.jpg
Kayla and Christian | Engaged0016.jpg
Kayla and Christian | Engaged0017.jpg
Kayla and Christian | Engaged0018.jpg
Kayla and Christian | Engaged0019.jpg
Kayla and Christian | Engaged0020.jpg
Kayla and Christian | Engaged0021.jpg
Kayla and Christian | Engaged0023.jpgKayla and Christian | Engaged0022.jpg
Kayla and Christian | Engaged0024.jpg
Kayla and Christian | Engaged0025.jpg
Kayla and Christian | Engaged0026.jpg
Kayla and Christian | Engaged0027.jpg
Kayla and Christian | Engaged0028.jpg
Kayla and Christian | Engaged0029.jpg
Kayla and Christian | Engaged0030.jpg
Kayla and Christian | Engaged0031.jpg
Kayla and Christian | Engaged0032.jpg
Kayla and Christian | Engaged0033.jpg
Kayla and Christian | Engaged0034.jpg
Kayla and Christian | Engaged0035.jpg
Kayla and Christian | Engaged0036.jpg
Kayla and Christian | Engaged0037.jpg
Kayla and Christian | Engaged0039.jpg
Kayla and Christian | Engaged0040.jpgKayla and Christian | Engaged0038.jpg



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