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October 15, 2018

A First Year Celebration Anniversary Session



Katie and Eric | Anniversary0020.jpg

Good afternoon, friends!! As I sit here typing this all snuggled up and resting from an amazing wedding this weekend, I cannot help but to think that this is what we get to do for a ‘job’. This ‘job’ allows me to work from home with my husband every day and to create gorgeous pictures of some of the sweetest people on this planet. Don’t get me wrong, we work our booties off, especially during busy season, but can we even call what we do a job? What’s that saying?! Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life — that’s it!! We are living the dream one day and one session at a time… One of our favorite sessions to capture are our Anniversary Sessions. That’s where Katie and Eric come into play. Check out this adorable session!!

We first met Katie at Kayla and Colten’s wedding this past summer. Katie was the hairstylist at Kayla’s wedding and she is what I would call an adorable bubbly ball of sunshine, joy and happiness. But seriously, she is the CUTEST!! She and I immediately hit it off. She is one of those people that truly cares about her clients. It’s such a dream to be able to work with vendors that pour their whole heart and soul into the people around them. I loved being able to watch her love and serve the people around her. It’s just super cool for me to be around like-minded individuals! But, okay, enough with why I love Katie, because I am sure I could go on for hours…and hours.

When we heard that she and her husband wanted to celebrate their first year of marriage with an anniversary session, we were pumped!!! You can absolutely count us in. Anniversary sessions are such fun sessions. As we approach our first year of marriage (wait, wasn’t that just like last week?!), we totally get the happiness that comes with this time of the relationship! It has been a year of growing and learning, and it’s just a really special season of life. Getting to celebrate with our couples, as they pop champagne and enjoy making it a year sits very high on our “favorite things to do” list!!

During Katie’s planning, she was envisioning a white, flowy dress with a flower crown in a golden field. So we went with her vision and they killed absolutely KILLED IT!! We were so blessed with a beautiful golden sunset overlooking the field. Katie looked absolutely radiant in her lace flowy dress — my gosh, just look at her! How stinking adorable?! Her flower crown and bouquet were just extra icing on the cake. She looked like a goddess in every definition of the word. Eric complemented her outfit well with his maroon shirt. In my opinion, maroon tones means that fall is here, people!!!! Anyway, Eric was in absolute awe of his wife, Katie. He would whisper ‘I love you’ into her ear every once in a while and it made me want to melt right there!!!! It literally makes my heart explode when I see such pure and sweet love. 

A cool little addition to the session was to celebrate by cutting their cake. I swear our clients have some of the best ideas! They both cut the cake from GaylaCake in Evansville, Indiana.  And that dreamy bouquet by Timberview Flower Farm was seriously my FAV!!  It was just a fun little night full of celebrations, dancing, giggles and pure joy. Katie and Eric, we wish you many years of happy marriage. Congrats on one year!

Katie and Eric | Anniversary0002.jpgKatie and Eric | Anniversary0001.jpg
Katie and Eric | Anniversary0003.jpg
Katie and Eric | Anniversary0004.jpg
Katie and Eric | Anniversary0005.jpg
Katie and Eric | Anniversary0006.jpg
Katie and Eric | Anniversary0007.jpg
Katie and Eric | Anniversary0008.jpg
Katie and Eric | Anniversary0009.jpg
Katie and Eric | Anniversary0010.jpg
Katie and Eric | Anniversary0011.jpg
Katie and Eric | Anniversary0013.jpg
Katie and Eric | Anniversary0014.jpg
Katie and Eric | Anniversary0015.jpg
Katie and Eric | Anniversary0016.jpg
Katie and Eric | Anniversary0017.jpg
Katie and Eric | Anniversary0018.jpg
Katie and Eric | Anniversary0019.jpg
Katie and Eric | Anniversary0020.jpg
Katie and Eric | Anniversary0021.jpg
Katie and Eric | Anniversary0023.jpgKatie and Eric | Anniversary0022.jpg
Katie and Eric | Anniversary0024.jpg


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