We are Bret and Brandie, best friends, high school sweethearts, husband & wife wedding photographers, and educators. This is where you will find our latest work and other fun happenings! We hope you enjoy your visit to our home on the web! Curious about who we are?


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We are Bret and Brandie, best friends, high school sweethearts, and husband & wife wedding photographers.This is where you will find our latest work and other fun happenings! We hope you enjoy your visit to our home on the web! Curious about who we are?







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October 29, 2018

A Stunning Market Street Park Engagement Session


Jaclyn and Zach | Huntingburg, IN

Jaclyn and Zach0023.jpg

Bret and I are spending this Monday planning out the rest of our year and dreaming big!!! Our second round of coffee is brewing and “The Office” is playing in the background, so it’s basically the perfect day already. Michael Scott can make any day worthwhile, am I right?! While we are dreaming and looking back on the past couple weeks, we couldn’t help but bring up a recent engagement session that we shot! We met Jaclyn and Zach at Brad and Bianca’s fall wedding about this time last year. I vividly remember them because they were legitimately the sweetest little couple I had ever seen!

Less than a year later after that wedding, we received the sweetest message in our inbox. It turned out to be Jaclyn and Zach. The message went on to talk about how I had stopped them mid-dance at the reception and asked them if I could take their photo because they were absolutely the cutest couple EVER. I remember watching them dance the night away together so in love in their own little world. I always can remember happy people and that night, they were soooooo happy!! In the message, they talked about how they were dying to talk with us about their upcoming wedding since I reached out to them last year. I legitimately think that anyone would have stopped them, though. It was seriously that heart-warming. When I read that message, I instantly remembered Jaclyn and Zach and their sweet smiles. Now here we are…

We decided to shoot their engagement session in the quaint little town of Huntingburg, Indiana. Luckily for us, Huntingburg debuted a new park recently called Market Street Park. This gorgeous park worked out perfectly for us to begin their session. We perused around all the corners and tucked into pockets of beautiful light. It warmed my heart so much to watch them snuggle and dance again like I had seen just a year ago! This time, though, it was their turn in the spotlight and it was oh so fun getting to celebrate this special season with them. 

I don’t even know where to begin with Zach except to mention what a true gentleman he is. He was constantly making sure that Jaclyn was happy and content throughout the entire session. He was making her giggle every few seconds — those smiles you see are 100% genuine!! These are the times when engagement sessions switch from pictures to memorable moments. Their outfits were impeccable, especially that sweet little floral dress that Jaclyn was rocking!! Give me allllll the floral prints!! 

We ended the session in the very best way that we know how and you already know that that’s with a gorgeous sunset. Not to mention, not one, but TWO pups!! I’m a firm believer that the best days in the world involve dogs!! Jaclyn’s mom brought Kaylie and Clara right at sunset. The sweet pups were so stinking adorable and you could tell that they were so used to snuggling with Jaclyn and Zach!! We sat them down on the blanket right as the sun was breaking and it was completely magical. Another engagement session down and another couple that we are head-over-heels for!! We are already so in love with these two and cannot wait to shower them with love over the next few months!Jaclyn and Zach0002.jpg
Jaclyn and Zach0003.jpg
Jaclyn and Zach0004.jpgJaclyn and Zach0001.jpg
Jaclyn and Zach0005.jpg
Jaclyn and Zach0006.jpg
Jaclyn and Zach0007.jpg
Jaclyn and Zach0008.jpg
Jaclyn and Zach0009.jpg
Jaclyn and Zach0010.jpg
Jaclyn and Zach0011.jpg
Jaclyn and Zach0012.jpg
Jaclyn and Zach0013.jpg
Jaclyn and Zach0014.jpg
Jaclyn and Zach0015.jpg
Jaclyn and Zach0016.jpg
Jaclyn and Zach0017.jpg
Jaclyn and Zach0018.jpg
Jaclyn and Zach0019.jpg
Jaclyn and Zach0020.jpg
Jaclyn and Zach0021.jpg
Jaclyn and Zach0022.jpg
Jaclyn and Zach0023.jpg
Jaclyn and Zach0024.jpgJaclyn and Zach0041.jpg
Jaclyn and Zach0025.jpg
Jaclyn and Zach0026.jpg
Jaclyn and Zach0027.jpg
Jaclyn and Zach0028.jpg
Jaclyn and Zach0029.jpg
Jaclyn and Zach0030.jpg
Jaclyn and Zach0033.jpgJaclyn and Zach0032.jpg
Jaclyn and Zach0034.jpg
Jaclyn and Zach0035.jpg
Jaclyn and Zach0036.jpg
Jaclyn and Zach0037.jpgJaclyn and Zach0031.jpg
Jaclyn and Zach0038.jpg
Jaclyn and Zach0039.jpg
Jaclyn and Zach0040.jpg
Jaclyn and Zach0042.jpg
Jaclyn and Zach0043.jpg
Jaclyn and Zach0044.jpg
Jaclyn and Zach0045.jpg
Jaclyn and Zach0046.jpg
Jaclyn and Zach0047.jpg
Jaclyn and Zach0048.jpg
Jaclyn and Zach0049.jpg
Jaclyn and Zach0050.jpg
Jaclyn and Zach0051.jpg
Jaclyn and Zach0052.jpg

Jaclyn and Zach0055.jpgJaclyn and Zach0054.jpg



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