We are Bret and Brandie, best friends, high school sweethearts, husband & wife wedding photographers, and educators. This is where you will find our latest work and other fun happenings! We hope you enjoy your visit to our home on the web! Curious about who we are?


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We are Bret and Brandie, best friends, high school sweethearts, and husband & wife wedding photographers.This is where you will find our latest work and other fun happenings! We hope you enjoy your visit to our home on the web! Curious about who we are?







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October 19, 2018

A Snuggly Owensboro Engagement Session


Stacey and Thomas | Owensboro, KY

Stacey and Thomas | Engaged0012.jpg

We were so so soooooo looking forward to one of our most recent sessions. Our first encounter with sweet Stacey was when she was a bridesmaid in Alex and Allie’s wedding last year. That wedding was one of our favorites because we were surrounded by some of the sweetest and most endearing people. That’s where Stacey comes in!! She was kind-hearted, all smiles, and extremely bubbly. Fast forward one year and Thomas popped the question — YAY!!! Just a few hours after the proposal, she reached out to us and knew she wanted us to be a part of their big day. There is legitimately no bigger compliment than to have a bridesmaid at a wedding we shot at that immediately knows that they want us as their wedding photographers! It is such a humbling feeling for us!  It makes us feel so stinking fantastic, and I could not have been more excited to hear from her!!

Our first step was to nail down a coffee date. We wanted to see her and celebrate with her and talk about her big marriage dreams. Bret and I got so excited listening to them tell their story about the proposal and the journey of their relationship! Next up…engagement session!! WOOP WOOP!! Their first time in front of our cameras together with us was their engagement session last week. We were so incredibly blessed with a beautiful and magical day. We met them at Yellow Creek Farm in Owensboro, Kentucky. Our first half of the session was spent chasing that beautiful sunset, all while laughing and giggling. There was so much enjoyment that evening as we celebrated such a special season of their lives! Oh my gosh, I cannot forget about their outfits! They were PERFECT and so stinking fall-inspired. Those outfits made my heart sing!!! GIVE ME ALL THE FALL THINGS!!! Maroons and golds, and browns, oh my!!! And then, you’ve got Stacey’s fabulous little light blue dress with those red heels — to-die-for! She was like an adorable modern-day Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz and I am completely obsessed!

After wrapping up at Yellow Creek Farm, we headed over to Stacey’s grandparent’s property. This property featured the most beautiful home nestled off the banks of the Ohio River. As the sun was setting over the river, we made our way to the dock! Hearing the water make its way down the river quietly, and watching Stacey and Thomas giggle underneath the sunset was the perfect ending to the perfect session! To add to the beauty, they both chose the perfect outfits for the dock pictures! Thomas’ orange matched the orange in Stacey’s dress to a T, and that color popped off the water so magically!! Ahhhhh!! We genuinely loved spending time with them that evening. I’ve also come to find out that Stacey’s little giggle is probably one of my favorite things on the entire planet. We cannot wait to watch her giggle her way through her wedding day with Thomas as they embark on the rest of their lives!! Enjoy!!

Stacey and Thomas | Engaged0000.jpg
Stacey and Thomas | Engaged0001.jpg
Stacey and Thomas | Engaged0002.jpg
Stacey and Thomas | Engaged0003.jpg
Stacey and Thomas | Engaged0004.jpg
Stacey and Thomas | Engaged0005.jpg
Stacey and Thomas | Engaged0006.jpg
Stacey and Thomas | Engaged0007.jpg
Stacey and Thomas | Engaged0008.jpg
Stacey and Thomas | Engaged0009.jpg
Stacey and Thomas | Engaged0010.jpg
Stacey and Thomas | Engaged0012.jpg
Stacey and Thomas | Engaged0013.jpg
Stacey and Thomas | Engaged0014.jpg
Stacey and Thomas | Engaged0015.jpg
Stacey and Thomas | Engaged0016.jpg
Stacey and Thomas | Engaged0017.jpg
Stacey and Thomas | Engaged0018.jpg
Stacey and Thomas | Engaged0019.jpg
Stacey and Thomas | Engaged0020.jpg
Stacey and Thomas | Engaged0021.jpg
Stacey and Thomas | Engaged0022.jpg
Stacey and Thomas | Engaged0023.jpg
Stacey and Thomas | Engaged0024.jpg
Stacey and Thomas | Engaged0025.jpg

Stacey and Thomas | Engaged0026.jpg
Stacey and Thomas | Engaged0027.jpg
Stacey and Thomas | Engaged0028.jpg
Stacey and Thomas | Engaged0029.jpg
Stacey and Thomas | Engaged0030.jpg
Stacey and Thomas | Engaged0031.jpg
Stacey and Thomas | Engaged0032.jpg
Stacey and Thomas | Engaged0033.jpg
Stacey and Thomas | Engaged0034.jpg
Stacey and Thomas | Engaged0035.jpg