We are Bret and Brandie, best friends, high school sweethearts, husband & wife wedding photographers, and educators. This is where you will find our latest work and other fun happenings! We hope you enjoy your visit to our home on the web! Curious about who we are?


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We are Bret and Brandie, best friends, high school sweethearts, and husband & wife wedding photographers.This is where you will find our latest work and other fun happenings! We hope you enjoy your visit to our home on the web! Curious about who we are?







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November 8, 2018

A Sweet Engagement Session at The Corner House B&B


Melanie and Max | Rockport, IN

Melanie and Max | Blog0023_0155.jpgSadly enough, our week in Arizona at the Showit United Conference has come to an end. We had the most incredible time this week — I legitimately cannot even contain the emotions!! The week was a whirlwind of speakers, adventures, and some soul-searching!! We met some of our long-time idols and even got to engage in our first “Demos sandwich” which was unbelievably amazing, to say the least!! We got to stand on stage with some of the greatest in our field and even karaoke and dance the night away with them!! We will never forget this week and will be talking about it for months on end. Our hearts are so full as we sit on our flight heading back to Indiana and we are so excited to jump head-on into what we learned this week!! Since we are heading back into some chilly fall weather at home, though, I couldn’t help to remember a fall-esque engagement session that we finished up right before heading out west! Meet Melanie and Max!!

Melanie was legit probably the cutest and giggliest human that I have ever encountered. Guys, when she gets the giggles, you feel that happiness way down in your soul!! She is so bubbly and you can just tell that Max love love loves her — it is seriously the sweetest thing to witness. In the midst of planning all of this, Melanie and Max knew that they wanted a rustic side to their engagement session. That’s where one of our favorite local photo spots comes into the picture!!

We met Melanie and Max at the Corner House Bed and Breakfast in Rockport, Indiana. When they pulled up in their dark maroons and plaids, I knew it was going to be a dreamy session. There is just something about fall colors complemented by the wood of the barn and the changing colors of the leaves that makes my heart sing! We were first greeted with the sweetest, and most adorable puppy snuggles from their lab. She was the sweetest little fur baby in her navy blue bandana. She absolutely stole the stinking show!! Melanie and Max were so excited to grab some pictures with their pup because it was the first time that they had all been photographed as a sweet little family!! How lucky were we to be the ones to get the honor to shoot them?!

Melanie’s parents stopped by to pick her up when we were finished and we spent the rest of evening chasing the sunset across the golden fields. The entire evening was filled with sweet snuggles and the most contagious giggles. We ended the session with the most spectacular outfits! I love that Melanie and Max chose a more casual outfit, plus a slightly fancier outfit to end the evening in. They obviously read the Style Guide 😉 Melanie was a SHOW-STOPPER in her sheer black maxi dress. I could not have come up with a better dress myself for her!! Pair it with Max’s sleek look and we have ourselves a winner!! Look at those photos — ahhh!!!! We could not have asked for a better evening spent with Melanie and Max and we absolutely cannot wait for their upcoming wedding!Melanie and Max | Blog0002_0134.jpgMelanie and Max | Blog0001_0133.jpg
Melanie and Max | Blog0003_0135.jpg
Melanie and Max | Blog0004_0136.jpg
Melanie and Max | Blog0005_0137.jpg
Melanie and Max | Blog0006_0138.jpg
Melanie and Max | Blog0007_0139.jpg
Melanie and Max | Blog0008_0140.jpg
Melanie and Max | Blog0009_0141.jpg
Melanie and Max | Blog0010_0142.jpg
Melanie and Max | Blog0011_0143.jpg
Melanie and Max | Blog0012_0144.jpg
Melanie and Max | Blog0013_0145.jpg
Melanie and Max | Blog0014_0146.jpg
Melanie and Max | Blog0015_0147.jpg
Melanie and Max | Blog0016_0148.jpg
Melanie and Max | Blog0017_0149.jpg
Melanie and Max | Blog0018_0150.jpg
Melanie and Max | Blog0019_0151.jpg
Melanie and Max | Blog0020_0152.jpg
Melanie and Max | Blog0021_0153.jpg
Melanie and Max | Blog0023_0155.jpg
Melanie and Max | Blog0024_0156.jpg
Melanie and Max | Blog0025_0157.jpg



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