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June 4, 2020

A Stunning Engagement Session at White Chateau



Mitchel and Allison | Engaged | | 0039.jpg

We couldn’t love these two more & honestly we are SO excited to share their dreamy engagement session photos!!!  #obsessed We decided to venture to White Chateau in Kentucky and spent the gloriously sunny evening capturing (& celebrating) Allison and Mitchel’s sweet love! 📸💕 It was the definition of a magical evening!! Speaking of sweet love, keep scrolling to read allll about how these two got engaged and to dive a little deeper into their love story.

When did you get engaged?

Leap Day 2020

How did he propose? Tell us the whole story!!

“My favorite story. It was leap day 2020. My dad woke me up that morning saying “We are going to remember this day forever.” To which is replied, “It’s just a leap year and any other normal day.” Yeah right. – first hint of the day

 My mom, sister, her fiancé, and myself were doing wedding planning for her wedding that morning. That appointment ran over. I was hungry and just wanted to eat and go hang out with Mitchel… At that point I ruined the plan. haha. 

I finally got food and was happy. As I was leaving my house my mom told me to put a different shirt on, as I was wearing a comfy sweatshirt. She suggested a shirt I had worn a few days prior. My response was, “I just wore that, this is fine.” – Hint number two

I went to Mitchel’s house to pick him up. I wanted to drive because I had errands that needed to be done. One of which was to go to the Columbia store to get Mitchel a new jacket. Again, ruined plans because I wanted to drive. As we are on our way to the Columbia store, I make the comment that Mitchel’s hands are cold. He then tells me his hands get cold when he’s nervous. I did not think anything about it. – third hint of the day

When we get to the Columbia store I wanted Mitchel to try on a jacket. He hates trying on clothes and makes life difficult when he does have to try them on. Mitchel is very adamant about not trying on the jacket. Finally he tries on the jacket, but when he takes his off he walks like 10 feet away from me to hang his jacket on a hook. I’m thinking, “Why did he do that, I’m right here.” — fourth hint of the day

Once we finished up there, we headed back to Evansville. We drove around the side of town we were wanting to look at houses around, then headed to Bru Burger for dinner. My favorite restaurant. We were seated immediately to a high top table. The table did not have back rest. There was no place for Mitchel to “hang” his jacket. He made a comment about that. I told him, “Just lay it over the seat and move on,” as I thought, “What is up with him and this jacket.” Also, it should be noted, it really wasn’t that cold out to have a heavy duty jacket – Hint #5 

We left Bru Burger and headed to get dessert. All the way in Newburgh to Ben and Penny’s because that’s one of our favorites! I was suppose to go to TX a few weeks following the engagement and I wanted to bring my Aunt Janice a BURGH tshift to give her. So, I stoped and got her one. Mitchel is being so patient as I just linger and take my time. 

But, while on our way to Newburgh, Mitchel wanted to know what route I would be taking to get to Ben and Penny’s. He didn’t want to me to drive past my house because everyone was arriving to my house for a surprise engagement party. He made up some excuse to see a new gas station by my office. – hint #6

Ok, finally getting to the proposal. Since Mitchel and I just ate a HUGE dinner at Bru Burger, I wanted to take a walk before dessert. I pulled into Ben and Penny’s parking lot and they are not open… it’s February, so that makes sense. For some reason, I still agree to the walk… Thank goodness. As we are passing Ben and Penny’s Mitchel just stops. I’m thinking, “Come on, why are you slowing down?!” 

Then Mitchel starts saying some really nice things and starts to fidget with his coat pocket. Now, it should be stated that Mitchel use to joke at really good timing that he was getting ready to propose. So during the actual thing, I’m convinced this is a joke….. until he’s really on one knee with the most BEAUTIFUL ring I have ever seen. Apparently, I looked around for any human existence to confirm what was actually happening as I shouted “IS THIS REAL?! LIKE ALL OF THIS, IS IT REAL?!” 

Then I said YESSS! 

We walked around downtown Newburgh as I was unfolding all of the day and feeling extremely dumb for not catching all the hints that were given to me. ugh, I still cannot believe I did not catch on. I’m really good at figure it all out! ha!

Once Mitchel proposed we headed back to my house to share the news with my parents. I have always wanted all my people in one place to tell them all the news at one time. And I got that. My mom threw together the best surprise engagement party with all our people. 

Being engaged officially hit as I pulled into my subdivision and saw all the cars of all of our people. I started to get super emotional at that point, but got myself together until I ran into the front door of my house and announced “I’M ENGAGED!!!!” at that point the tears came flooding. It really hit. 

We were so grateful for all our family and friends that were able to make it from all over. They are the best.”

What are your favorite activities to do together?

Boating, jet ski rides, family outings, cuddling, trying new restaurants, shopping

For the bride: What are three things you love about your groom?

“1) Goes with the flow

2) So dang smart in all aspects

3) Knows what I am thinking before I even know what I am thinking”

For the groom: What are three things you love about your bride?

“1) She keeps me on top of things when I forget 

2) She knows every method of saving money

3) She loves me in-spite of all my goofy quirks”

What was your favorite part of the engagement session?

“Purple dress outfit getting to be all fancy at a fancy place.”

Advice for other couples who are prepping for their engagement session?

“Really, it’s fun and relaxed from the beginning. They are pros and pose you the exact way you should be!”

Mitchel and Allison | Engaged | | 0001.jpg
Mitchel and Allison | Engaged | | 0002.jpg
Mitchel and Allison | Engaged | | 0003.jpg
Mitchel and Allison | Engaged | | 0004.jpg
Mitchel and Allison | Engaged | | 0005.jpg
Mitchel and Allison | Engaged | | 0006.jpg
Mitchel and Allison | Engaged | | 0007.jpg
Mitchel and Allison | Engaged | | 0008.jpg
Mitchel and Allison | Engaged | | 0009.jpg
Mitchel and Allison | Engaged | | 0010.jpg
Mitchel and Allison | Engaged | | 0011.jpg
Mitchel and Allison | Engaged | | 0012.jpg
Mitchel and Allison | Engaged | | 0013.jpg
Mitchel and Allison | Engaged | | 0014.jpg
Mitchel and Allison | Engaged | | 0015.jpg
Mitchel and Allison | Engaged | | 0016.jpg
Mitchel and Allison | Engaged | | 0017.jpg
Mitchel and Allison | Engaged | | 0018.jpg
Mitchel and Allison | Engaged | | 0019.jpg
Mitchel and Allison | Engaged | | 0020.jpg
Mitchel and Allison | Engaged | | 0021.jpg
Mitchel and Allison | Engaged | | 0022.jpg
Mitchel and Allison | Engaged | | 0023.jpgMitchel and Allison | Engaged | | 0026.jpg
Mitchel and Allison | Engaged | | 0024.jpg
Mitchel and Allison | Engaged | | 0025.jpg
Mitchel and Allison | Engaged | | 0027.jpg
Mitchel and Allison | Engaged | | 0028.jpg
Mitchel and Allison | Engaged | | 0029.jpg
Mitchel and Allison | Engaged | | 0030.jpg
Mitchel and Allison | Engaged | | 0031.jpg
Mitchel and Allison | Engaged | | 0032.jpg
Mitchel and Allison | Engaged | | 0033.jpg
Mitchel and Allison | Engaged | | 0034.jpg
Mitchel and Allison | Engaged | | 0035.jpg
Mitchel and Allison | Engaged | | 0036.jpg
Mitchel and Allison | Engaged | | 0037.jpg
Mitchel and Allison | Engaged | | 0038.jpg
Mitchel and Allison | Engaged | | 0039.jpg
Mitchel and Allison | Engaged | | 0040.jpg
Mitchel and Allison | Engaged | | 0041.jpg
Mitchel and Allison | Engaged | | 0042.jpgMitchel and Allison | Engaged | | 0044.jpg
Mitchel and Allison | Engaged | | 0043.jpg
Mitchel and Allison | Engaged | | 0045.jpg

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