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It all started with holding hands & sneaking kisses in the hallways of our high school…we were wild in love from the very beginning. Whatever souls are made of, ours is the same.

Young Bret and Brandie had big dreams and even bigger plans to make them happen...we felt the pull to do life 'different' than the norm; looking back, those crazy teenagers had the entrepreneurial gene and the insane courage to relentlessly pursue their passion & purpose.

It's been over a decade of hard work, intentional choices and making a ton of magic as a husband and wife team. We’ve built businesses infused with intentionality and fueled by freedom.

Our photography business was our first baby and nothing feeds our souls quite like being behind the camera. We love the process of helping people see the beauty they already possess and loving on allll the sweet people we meet through this wonderful job. Photography is our love language.

A look back on the past decade...ish

First kiss on the dance floor at homecoming
 The definition of high school sweethearts


College bound


Shot our first wedding together


Bret tagged along to his first photo shoot


We went full time in our photo business


throwing it back

the dream begins

Photography biz was started

Renovated & opened our first small but mighty studio

Spent our days going to class in college


Spent our days building our dream photo business

Purchased our first "home"... A gutted 1800's brick bungalow... aka Our Brick Baby


Nine long months of reno later we finally moved into our first home


Brought Carson, our furry bff, home.


Captured 20 new marriages


Bought our second fixer-upper, and said goodbye to Our Brick Baby


our brick baby

she said yes!

Got engaged at Disney

Became husband and wide surrounded by family and friends our living room.

Saw Taylor Swift TWICE!

Photographed 22 more marriages

Photographed 32 weddings

Photographed 33 weddings!

building the dream

Shot 20  weddings


Survived the pandemic


Photographed 16 wedding in 4 states


what a wild year

the 222 tri-level

Started our obsession with passive income

Traveled to MI. & FL.

First time in New York

Celebrated our 5yr wedding anniversary


airstream dreamin'

Purchased our Airstream

Went to the ERAS Tour

Became vegetarian

Discovered our passion for teaching others

We're casual to the core, romantics at heart, and crazy in love.

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We believe in lazy mornings, a cozy cup of coffee, long kisses, and moments that feel like they go on forever.

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Adventure is always the cure, but it's somehow also true that there's no place like home with the ones you love.

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