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When you are self employed it is hard to see another way of doing things, and over time you become comfortable in your ways. After running a business for multiple years, I found myself in a rut trying to improve my procedures and workflows, but kept coming up short. Coaching from B&B gave me a sounding board for new ideas and constructive criticism on my current setup which has helped me fine tune things I already had in place to make a better customer experience in the long run. Their coaching style is laid back, allowing you to feel comfortable talking about your successes and more importantly, your flaws. It is important to find people you can trust when building your brand, and I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with them through the growth of my business.

bailey Marie


Where do I begin?! This past summer I was struggling on a direction of where I wanted my business to go. I was fairly new to the area and I needed some guidance…I felt lost & confused. So I reached out to B&B. (I am SO glad I did!)  Not only did they support my business and dreams, but they helped me structure attainable goals, gave some much needed advice combined with a little tough love, AND a sense of peace. Without their help, I would not have hit so many goals within my biz this year.  From time to time being a #bossbabe is hard, but with Bret & Brandie encouraging me along the way I feel like I can conquer anything! Choosing them to help me grow & take action is one of the best decisions I have made for my business!

jena eichler

event coordinator

Bret and Brandie met with me when I was considering making some big changes with my business. They were so wonderful about making me feel comfortable in sharing all of my thoughts, struggles, hopes, and ideas. They were also amazing at taking what I told them and offering ideas and suggestions on how to improve my my business. They did not hold back, were completely honest, and 100% genuine, all while being very kind, positive, and encouraging. I really appreciated that no question was off the table and that no matter what I said, it was heard and validated. Bret and Brandie gave me ideas, goals, and challenges and then followed up with me to see how I was meeting them. I'm happy to report that through our collaborative thoughts, I'm meeting and exceeding the goals we set for my business! I'm so glad that I took the time to meet with Bret and Brandie! They gave me the extra support I needed when I needed it most!

shillawna ruffner

wedding/portrait photographer

Bret and Brandie are two of the most wonderful humans you will ever meet. No really, trust me on this. When I was feeling bogged down and overwhelmed with everything I was trying to do with my business I just knew I needed their insight. Just being able to express all of the random, crazy thoughts going through your head to people that actually GET IT does such amazing things. Being a creative can be lonely, even more lonely when people around you don't quite understand what you do. Bret and Brandie genuinely care about building others up and pouring into you. They want you to succeed! It's refreshing and motivating to be around them. Having them there to me accountable in my business has done SO much for me! It will for you too :) 

Kelley james


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These sessions are set up where we can focus on pretty much anything you want!  From the day-to-day things (think of allll those looming things on your to-do list) to achieving those BIG goals…we will be there to listen to your hopes & dreams AND figure out how to get you there!

CCA sessions are for the goalsetters who are ready to take action & make their dreams a reality, but may need a little guidance and support in their journey! #accountabilitypartners

Instead of meeting in person, we will snuggle in to our cozy homes, grab some coffee and connect via FaceTime or Skype for a virtual coffee date!  Imagine snuggling into your favorite spot in the comfort of your own home and dreaming big with us!!

How many goals do you have? Coffee, conversation, and accountability sessions let us be the biz bestie you need to chase your BIG dreams & knock out your to-do list. Weekly sessions mean weekly check-ins on that gameplan and keeping the momentum going!

If you are tired of trying to figure everything out on your own and your head is spinning with new ideas, to-do lists, and alllll those unfinished projects, then YES!  Just imagine a life where you hit those goals, grow your business, and finally get the chance to make an impact on the world!

We will pour allll the love we can into your business!  You could possibly leave with a new systemized workflow, a better work ethic, more free time, productivity hacks, or an actionable game plan to level up your life.

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