We are Bret and Brandie, best friends, high school sweethearts, husband & wife wedding photographers, and educators. This is where you will find our latest work and other fun happenings! We hope you enjoy your visit to our home on the web! Curious about who we are?


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We are Bret and Brandie, best friends, high school sweethearts, and husband & wife wedding photographers.This is where you will find our latest work and other fun happenings! We hope you enjoy your visit to our home on the web! Curious about who we are?







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December 3, 2018

Our Signature Bright, Clean, Timeless Editing Style

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Over our years in the photography world, we have found that one of the more overwhelming elements of the business can be editing. But hey, if you snuggle in with a warm blanket and a cup of coffee, editing can totally be a bit relaxing too 🙂 It took us a while to really narrow down our editing style, but once we found our style, we found ourself editing with a clean and classic edit.  Our signature editing style could be described as bright, airy, crisp, and timeless!

We have found that an editing style is more than just an edit. Editing has a lot to do with a photographer’s shooting style, as well! Think of editing as the icing on a cake that you worked tirelessly on in the kitchen. What kind of icing are you going to put on your yummy cake? Editing pulls together images like the icing pulls together the look, feel, and taste of your cake. (Personally, I’d choose cream cheese icing, because you can’t really go wrong with that creamy goodness!!)

When it comes to editing, there are a ton of different styles. There is light, airy, and film-inspired. There is also an editing style that focuses more on a dark and moody feel. These two styles would fall on opposite ends of the spectrum and then there is everything ranging in between.

On the scale of editing styles, I think that Bret and I fall somewhere in the middle. We absolutely love the light and airy feel of images, but we also recognize and treasure true color. We 100% believe in a clean, crisp, and timeless edit. When we first sit down at our computer, our first goal is to make sure that all the skin tones look PERFECT. Skin tone replicates and represents the true tone of our clients. Our ultimate goal is to make sure that all images are representative of each moment. Ultimately, that is why we choose to use a more classic edit. We want pictures to be timeless and everlasting. It is our hope that our images can stand the test of time. Imagine this: A bride is pulling out her wedding album to show her sweet grandkids. She opens up the album and the colors and true tones are just as life-like and real as the day she got married. Her grandkids can’t believe that the images were shot fifty years prior. That’s what we are hoping for with each and every edit! We believe what our images can withstand the test of time. It took us some time to realize that we wanted that kind of edit, rather than a trendy edit which may pass after a few years. But now we always shoot for true to life and real images! Our edits really help to capture the essence of all the real moments.

Our number one goal with our editing has and will always be consistency. We constantly are shooting for consistent edits across all images. There should be consistency in the getting ready images, or the first look, and even those with the bridal party and family. We make sure that our galleries are consistent throughout so that the gallery looks like one big cohesive magical day. A bride’s entire day is Pinterest-worthy and show-stopping and we make sure that the gallery proves that. Not only does it look beautiful and magical, but consistency builds trust. If we as photographers are more consistent with our edits in the way of tones, hues, coloring, saturations, etc. then naturally a strong, consist portfolio will follow. This type of consistency builds loads of trust between photographers and their clients. It builds more trust in our brand and that’s what our business is all about! We want to love and serve each and every client in every way possible.

We have truly perfected and nailed our signature editing style in a way that brings such a confidence in our brand, business, and life! That clean, classic edit gives us LIFE!

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Our Signature Bright, Clean, Timeless Editing Style

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