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The Story of Us

The Story Of Us: Our Disney Proposal

January 18, 2019

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The next part of our series starts at Disney World. Why, you ask?! Well, because we absolutely love Disney. Yes, we are adults and yes, we love Disney – there is no age limit according to Mr. Walt Disney himself! Disney World in Orlando, Florida is our guilty pleasure & our number one go to vacay.  We are so addicted to the magic and nostalgia that overcomes you when you step into those Disney parks!!  Disney World is where dreams come true & all of your stresses seem to disappear… There is just something so magical about the feeling when you first walk onto Main Street, so why would we pass up the chance to travel there any chance we get?! #obsessed

With that being said, you can only imagine how excited we were when we had the chance to plan a group trip with four of our very best friends. I mean, we were going to Disney to hang out with our favorite people and do alllllll the incredible, magical things. And during all of this planning, Bret had the epiphany that it would be perfect place to pop the question. This was probably the absolute best decision that Bret has EVER made in his entire life!! haha! He decided to take advantage of an awesome opportunity & started to plan the perfect proposal. He ventured off to Tiffany’s to find me the perfect ring and did everything as sneakily as possible – so sneaky that I literally had no idea that any of this was going on! As we were packing our bags to leave that November, Bret carefully hid the ring in his luggage & was anxiously dying to propose.

The joyous time had come – we made it to Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort!!! YAYYYYY!!!! All the magic was in the air from the second we stepped foot into the lobby of the resort! During our first full day in the parks, we headed to Animal Kingdom and spent the entire day exploring and eating all of the Mickey-shaped snacks! That evening we had exclusive tickets to Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party at Magic Kingdom! We all put on our ugly Christmas sweaters (yes, in 85 degree weather, HA), and our Mickey ears and headed to Magic Kingdom ready to get into the Christmas spirit! Magic Kingdom is always magical (hence, the name, LOL), but I honestly believe that the park is in its peak of magic during the Christmas party!! There is snow falling on Main Street, Christmas carolers throughout the park, and hot cocoa & cookies for all visitors! There is just a different vibe in the air and it makes my heart swell!! We had a ton of fun throughout the evening meeting special characters….Bret even got to meet Jack Skellington as Sandy Claws which was a lifelong dream for him!! We had the most magical night ever, but unfortunately, it was coming to an end!! It was time to head toward Main Street and back to our resort!

Rewind just a bit…the first night of our trip, Bret had asked his best friend, Jordan, to be in charge of the ring that night at Magic Kingdom. Jordan happily volunteered to carry the ring in his backpack the entire night and he guarded that ring with his life!!

Now fast forward to leaving the park…with a couple glances, Jordan read Bret’s mind, and knew what was about to happen. We decided to take one last group photo in front of castle with Disney’s PhotoPass photographers! These photographers are professionals who work for Disney and are scattered all throughout the parks—they are amazing and we are so happy that they were there to capture this moment for us! As we got into place, my best friend, Amber whispered to the photographer that there was going to be a proposal so that the photographer would be prepared for alllll the photos they were about to snap! As I look back on the photos now, I cannot help but to crack up laughing watching the looks on Bret and Jordan’s faces as Jordan handed the ring off to Bret behind our backs. In that moment, Bret felt the ring box in his hand and was had so many nerves as he was getting ready to pop the big question in front of Cinderella’s Castle! We decided to take one last picture, just the two of us, in front of the castle as it was lit up beautifully with millions of twinkle Christmas lights.

Before I knew it, Bret had turned and dropped to one knee. I will never ever forget the moment that he held out that beautiful Tiffany diamond ring with the most wide-eyed look on his face!! Ahhhh, was I really getting proposed to by the love of my life in front of Cinderella’s Castle in front of my closest friends?!!? YES, yes I was!!! It was truly the most magical moment in entire life. Seeing Bret Nowak down on one knee asking for my hand in marriage is something that I will never forget!! I was in shock. Was this really happening?!?! I exclaimed, I giggled, I shouted, and yes, I cried!! I looked at the man I loved and screamed, “YES, absolutely, yes!!” We were so stinking excited and we jumped straight into each other’s arms!! In that moment, we held each other tight as the crowd cheered us on! We finally stopped hugging, came back to reality and that’s when I looked at the beautiful ring that Bret was holding. He had selected the most perfect ring ever & I was shaking as he placed it on my finger!!! WE WERE ENGAGED!!! We jumped into the arms of our friends as everyone was crying tears of joy and exuding true happiness for us!! Suddenly, the happiest place on earth had become even happier because my Prince Charming had popped the question!!

We spent the rest of the week at Disney and I showed that ring off in way every possible. I was legitimately the happiest girl ever!! I wore my “I’m Engaged” Disney button everywhere that I went that week. Oh, and did I mention, that even Minnie Mouse commented on my ring?!! Talk about melting right there on the spot!! Perfect Disney proposal…check!  Our next adventure would be a little more intense…Check back next week for part 5…we’re sharing alllll the details of our fixer upper house!!   

Our Story | Bret and Brandie Proposal0001.jpg
Our Story | Bret and Brandie Proposal0002.jpg
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Our Story | Bret and Brandie Proposal0004.jpg
Our Story | Bret and Brandie Proposal0005.jpg
Our Story | Bret and Brandie Proposal0006.jpg
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Our Story | Bret and Brandie Proposal0022.jpg
Our Story | Bret and Brandie Proposal0023.jpg
Our Story | Bret and Brandie Proposal0024.jpg

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