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Sweet Honey Workshop at White Chateau

August 7, 2019

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Sweet Honey Styled Shoot006.jpg
Man, oh man! Let’s talk styled shoot GOALS! This is one was one we will NEVER forget!! We were over-the-moon excited when our paths crossed with sweet Lizzie of Lizzie Bee’s Flower Shoppe from Dallas, Texas. Lizzie is an oh-so-talented florist and her flower game is killer!!! She creates so many beautiful, wild/natural looking, and romantic floral arrangements and bouquets! And, please don’t even get me started on her floral installations and backdrops because I could go on for hoursssss! She is the definition of incredible at what she does!
Lizzie had been considering venturing back to her hometown roots of Owensboro, KY and had been dreaming of hosting a workshop/styled shoot at Owensboro’s newest wedding venue, The White Chateau. We were absolutely thrilled talking things over with Lizzie and even more pumped when the conversation evolved into including us and a two-part workshop with Bret and I leading a styled shoot. WHAT!?! Literally what dreams are made of!! We were going to be a part of Sweet Honey Workshops!! How stinking exciting?!
Bret would teach a little bit on flat lay styling (flatlay styling is taking all of the bride’s details and laying them flat to showcase allll the little things on a wedding day!  We believe it helps to tell the couple’s wedding story!). We were so so so excited to pour into other photographers and to lead the styled shoot. As planning progressed,  the vendor list grew. We just knew that with the people participating in the styled shoot, it was magic waiting to be created and we were so right!!!
Finally, the day had arrived! We spent the first part of our morning taking pictures of Lizzie as she led her floral workshop. The attendees were taking as many notes as possible and it was amazing the amount of information that they were soaking up!! We loved getting to witness Lizzie pouring her heart into the workshop and its attendees!!
Then it was time for part 2 of the workshop to commence! While the floral attendees were creating bouquets and a large-scale floral install on the windows, Bret dove right into the flat lay workshop. I loved getting to watch Bret do something he loves so much! His grin was hard to beat!!  He is genuinely the king of flay lays!!
Lastly, it was time for the elegant styled shoot and oh my gosh!!!! Everything came together perfectly. Truly perfect. The colors, the florals, the attendees, the vendors. It was a truly a dream come true!! Everything turned our to be gorgeous. Our hearts were full. Our memory cards were full. I just know that everyone involved left with their heart overflowing with so much joy and inspiration. It’s amazing the feeling that you can get from working with such and awesome team. Our team of vendors KILLED it!!! It felt so incredible to share in that community with such a wonderful group of people! 

Sweet Honey Styled Shoot001.jpg
Sweet Honey Styled Shoot002.jpg
Sweet Honey Styled Shoot003.jpg
Sweet Honey Styled Shoot004.jpg
Sweet Honey Styled Shoot005.jpg
Sweet Honey Styled Shoot006.jpg
Sweet Honey Styled Shoot007.jpg
Sweet Honey Styled Shoot008.jpg
Sweet Honey Styled Shoot009.jpg
Sweet Honey Styled Shoot010.jpg
Sweet Honey Styled Shoot011.jpg
Sweet Honey Styled Shoot012.jpg
Sweet Honey Styled Shoot013.jpg
Sweet Honey Styled Shoot014.jpg
Sweet Honey Styled Shoot015.jpg
Sweet Honey Styled Shoot016.jpg
Sweet Honey Styled Shoot017.jpg
Sweet Honey Styled Shoot018.jpg
Sweet Honey Styled Shoot019.jpg
Sweet Honey Styled Shoot020.jpg
Sweet Honey Styled Shoot021.jpg
Sweet Honey Styled Shoot022.jpg
Sweet Honey Styled Shoot023.jpg
Sweet Honey Styled Shoot024.jpg
Sweet Honey Styled Shoot025.jpg
Sweet Honey Styled Shoot026.jpg
Sweet Honey Styled Shoot027.jpg
Sweet Honey Styled Shoot028.jpg
Sweet Honey Styled Shoot029.jpg
Sweet Honey Styled Shoot030.jpg
Sweet Honey Styled Shoot031.jpg

The Vendors:

Lead Photographer: Bret and Brandie Photography
Model: Kate Lamar
Flowers: Rose Story Farm
Software:  Details Flowers
Ribbons:  Iris + Clover
Photography Styling Rentals: Happy Day Goods

A behind the scenes look at our day!


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