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4 Ways We Use the HoneyBook App

August 9, 2021

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4 Ways We Use the HoneyBook App On the Go

It’s no secret that we LOVE using HoneyBook as our CRM…HoneyBook is singlehandedly keeping our sanity in check on a daily basis!  Managing allll of our clients, emails, injuries, questionnaires, etc in one place makes organizing the backend of our biz simple & sustainable! MAJOR PERK ALERT…Having the HoneyBook app on our phones makes managing our business on-the-go convenient and easy!!


Replying to inquires FAST!🔥

We love seeing the notification pop up that we’ve received a new lead!! Our hearts skip a beat and we get SO excited!! With a couple taps in the app, we can confirm our availablity, reply with our templated response email, and celebrate quickly replying to are dream clients without any wait time!

Capture New Leads While We Are Out!

Have you ever been out & about and bumped into someone who wants to book a session with you?! We avoid the awkward ‘go to our website & fill out the contact form’ chat and manually add them into our HoneyBook right then & there! They quickly added as a new lead, organized and ready to become a client so FAST!

Availability Calendar @ Our Fingertips!

Popping into the app to review our calendar is something we do frequently! There is something so calming about viewing the ‘Booked’ jobs on the official HoneyBook calendar before confirming our availability!  Plus, we can easily see if we have leads, meetings or sessions scheduled on any date.

Review Client Details Before Session + Meeting!

Perhaps our FAVORITE use of the HoneyBook app is the ability to review our client’s details before any session, meeting, or wedding! We can pull up their client portal and check out alllll the notes, location details, questionnaire answers and emails in just a couple taps!

Interested in signing up for HoneyBook?

Get 50% off your first year here!



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