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Laurie and Russ’s Intimate Wedding

December 1, 2021

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Intimate weddings have such a special spot in our hearts & this sweet wedding was no exception!! 🥰 Laurie and Russ tied the knot on a beautiful Monday evening at Green River Distillery in Owensboro, Kentucky with their closest family & friends.   It was the most beautiful celebration of love & marriage!! ❤️ We wish these two allll the best! Here’s to Laurie & Russ’s love, laughter and happily ever after!! ✨

Snuggle in and scroll down to read all about the sweet couple and to see a preview of their wedding photos!💕

Tell us a bit about your wedding!

“We got married on our existing anniversary date in the bourbon distillery because we like to try different bourbons and loved the space!”

What was your favorite part of your wedding day?

“Not only was it a great way to celebrate our third anniversary together but it was so personal to us; every detail from the venue, to the flowers and centerpieces, to the food and cake.”

Did you two do a first look?!

“Yes, we wanted to capture the moment of seeing each other on our wedding day for the first time!  It was fun and so personal to us. Our first date I delivered pizza to him so he had dinner while packing to move and I haven’t missed a pizza delivery yet.”

What’s next? What are you two planning on tackling next in life?

“We are enjoying watching our little girl figure out the world around her and after the holidays we will pick back up with some small DIY projects.”

For the bride: What are three things you love about your groom?

“I love that he shows me every day how much he loves me, he can make me laugh on my worst days, and his love for his family. He is absolutely my best friend and I cant imagine a day without him in it.”

For the groom: What are three things you love about your bride?

“She is my best friend, the most beautiful woman I know and she cares for and loves me, and our family.”

Bride tell us a bit about who was the most helpful in helping you pull off your dream wedding?

“My sister in law, she was so helpful in decorating the day of the wedding when everyone else was busy. She took my ideas for what I wanted and made them come life. Everything was perfect and better than I was envisioning.”

Advice for other couples who are planning their own wedding right now?

“No matter how big or small your wedding is, don’t underestimate the 30 days before. Everything comes all at once and feels so overwhelming. On the flip side to that, don’t stress about the small stuff. Your day will be beautiful and no one attending will know the difference if something didn’t come together exactly how you planned.”

Did anything hilarious/unexpected happen?!

“The toasts, we didn’t know if anyone was going to make a toast and then Russ’ brother, the best man, made a toast that no one wanted to follow because it was that funny.”

First dance song?

“I Cross My Heart by George Strait”

Ceremony music?

“The mothers and bridesmaids walked down to Late November by Ryan Hubbell and I walked to Pachelbels Canon in D by Brooklyn Duo. Our recessional song was Never Tear Us Apart by INXS”

How big was your wedding party?

“We had 4 people!”

Laurie and Russ01.jpg
Laurie and Russ02.jpg
Laurie and Russ04.jpg
Laurie and Russ05.jpg
Laurie and Russ06.jpg
Laurie and Russ07.jpg
Laurie and Russ08.jpg
Laurie and Russ10.jpg
Laurie and Russ11.jpg
Laurie and Russ12.jpg
Laurie and Russ13.jpg
Laurie and Russ14.jpg
Laurie and Russ15.jpg
Laurie and Russ16.jpg
Laurie and Russ17.jpg
Laurie and Russ19.jpg
Laurie and Russ20.jpg
Laurie and Russ21.jpg
Laurie and Russ23.jpg
Laurie and Russ24.jpg
Laurie and Russ26.jpg
Laurie and Russ27.jpg
Laurie and Russ28.jpg
Laurie and Russ29.jpg
Laurie and Russ31.jpg
Laurie and Russ32.jpg
Laurie and Russ33.jpg
Laurie and Russ34.jpg
Laurie and Russ35.jpg
Laurie and Russ36.jpg
Laurie and Russ37.jpg
Laurie and Russ38.jpg
Laurie and Russ39.jpg
Laurie and Russ40.jpg
Laurie and Russ41.jpg
Laurie and Russ42.jpg
Laurie and Russ43.jpg
Laurie and Russ45.jpg
Laurie and Russ46.jpg
Laurie and Russ47.jpg
Laurie and Russ48.jpg
Laurie and Russ49.jpg
Laurie and Russ50.jpg
Laurie and Russ51.jpg
Laurie and Russ52.jpg
Laurie and Russ53.jpg
Laurie and Russ55.jpg
Laurie and Russ56.jpg
Laurie and Russ57.jpg
Laurie and Russ58.jpg
Laurie and Russ59.jpg
Laurie and Russ61.jpg
Laurie and Russ62.jpg
Laurie and Russ64.jpg
Laurie and Russ65.jpg
Laurie and Russ66.jpg
Laurie and Russ67.jpg
Laurie and Russ68.jpg
Laurie and Russ69.jpg
Laurie and Russ70.jpg
Laurie and Russ72.jpg
Laurie and Russ74.jpg
Laurie and Russ75.jpg
Laurie and Russ76.jpg
Laurie and Russ77.jpg
Laurie and Russ78.jpg


Photographer: Bret & Brandie 

Hair Stylist: Jordan Conder @ Southern Styles

Cake Artist: Piece of Cake

Caterer: Mi Ranchito on Carter Rd

Florist: Welborn

Musician/DJ: Songbird DJ

Gown Boutique:

Bridesmaids Gown Boutique: David’s Bridal

Groom Boutique: Paul’s Menswear

Officiant: Bride’s father

Rings: Lance & Co Jewelers

Invitations: Shutterfly

Reception Venue: Green River Distilling Co

Ceremony Venue: Green River Distilling Co

Guest Favors: Personalized Cork bottle stoppers – 

TheKnot Wedding Shop

Handmade Soaps – Blessed Country Soaps

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