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A Branding Session for Lynda of Patton Photo

March 10, 2022

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Oh we just LOVE us some Lynda!! Lynda is a fellow photographer in the Evansville, Indiana area and she is just the sweetest thing EVER!!📸💕 We’ve known and loved Lynda for several years, so getting her in front of our camera was sincerely sooo fun!! Her stunning outfit choices, adorable giggles and sweet personality…OBSESSED!!!  Scroll down to read about Lynda and to see a sneak peek of her branding session!✨

Tell us about your business:

“I run a wedding and portrait photography business called Patton Photo! I shoot about 20 weddings a year plus other sessions like boudoir, senior and family.”

What are 3 words you would use to describe your biz?

“timeless, classic, fun & bright”

What is next for you and your business? What are you currently working on?

“I am gearing up for the Spring wedding season. Once that starts then it’s pretty busy until the end of the year. I am also working on a new project and adventure for the business. We have been planning for almost 2 years now and cannot wait to make it official and announce it on social. Hopefully soon!”

What is your favorite part of being your own boss?

“On the days that I’m working from home, there is no dress code 🙂 I get to stay in comfy clothes and not worry about makeup!”

What does your morning routine look like?

“Pretty chill through the week. I get up around 8. Snuggle a kitty and drink some coffee. Then it’s computer work and more coffee.”

What is your go-to coffee order?

“most likely it’s black coffee but sometimes I’ll do a latte or something seasonal.”

What is your favorite productivity hack?

“I would actually love advice on this. I usually have to keep my phone away from me or else I mindlessly scroll without even realizing it. I also “reward” myself by getting up and doing a household chore or taking a walk once I’ve finished a task.”

What is your favorite business book or podcast?

“ooo I do not read books. However if there is something I want to educate myself on then I’ll look up articles or even youtube videos. (I’m a visual learner) I do love to listen to podcast! Mainly true crime but I do enjoy Brands that Book with Davey Jones for business. Also, Shine and Thrive because she has some short episodes.”

Where can we find you on the web?!

IG: @thepattonphoto

Tiktok: @splynda04

FB: @thepattonphoto

What would you tell someone who is thinking about booking a branding session with B&B?

“For. Sure. DO IT! If you are running a business of any sort than you NEED professional photos and you are in the best hands with B&B. They are fun, they are talented, they pay attention to detail and they know their stuff! Did I mention how FUN it is!”

What was your favorite part of your branding session with B&B?

“I don’t really love getting my photo taken but they make it so easy and low key. They are great with directing you and getting genuine moments too. I truly enjoyed the entire session and I know I’m getting beautiful photos from it!”

Lynda of Patton Photo01.jpg
Lynda of Patton Photo02.jpg
Lynda of Patton Photo03.jpg
Lynda of Patton Photo04.jpg
Lynda of Patton Photo06.jpg
Lynda of Patton Photo07.jpg
Lynda of Patton Photo08.jpg
Lynda of Patton Photo09.jpg
Lynda of Patton Photo10.jpg
Lynda of Patton Photo11.jpg
Lynda of Patton Photo12.jpg
Lynda of Patton Photo13.jpg
Lynda of Patton Photo15.jpg
Lynda of Patton Photo16.jpg
Lynda of Patton Photo17.jpg
Lynda of Patton Photo18.jpg
Lynda of Patton Photo19.jpg
Lynda of Patton Photo20.jpg
Lynda of Patton Photo21.jpg
Lynda of Patton Photo22.jpg
Lynda of Patton Photo24.jpg
Lynda of Patton Photo25.jpg
Lynda of Patton Photo26.jpg
Lynda of Patton Photo27.jpg
Lynda of Patton Photo29.jpg
Lynda of Patton Photo30.jpg
Lynda of Patton Photo32.jpg
Lynda of Patton Photo33.jpg
Lynda of Patton Photo35.jpg
Lynda of Patton Photo36.jpg
Lynda of Patton Photo37.jpg
Lynda of Patton Photo38.jpg
Lynda of Patton Photo39.jpg

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