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A Branding Session for Deckard Law

May 12, 2022

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We are so excited to feature this incredible + powerhouse biz on our blog today!! 😍 Photographing this branding session of Mallory at Deckard Law was SO MUCH FUN!!  We had the best time visiting her office in downtown Evansville and getting to know her (and her trusty sidekick, Kalah)!  Mallory has a heart of gold and is seriously the coolest!! Scroll down to see a sneak peek of Mallory’s session and to read allll about her firm!✨

Tell us about you and your business!

“I am an attorney with a solo practice. I represent clients in family law and immigration matters, and also provide mediation services.”

What are 3 words you would use to describe your biz?

“Advocacy, compassion and transparency”

What is next for you and your business? What are you currently working on?

“I’m currently working on ways to improve my technology to provide a more seamless and transparent client experience. My case management software is an app that provides all of the services you could imagine in one platform – messaging, document uploading and sharing, case status updates, important dates, and more. Although it’s wonderful as is, I am implementing additional systems. We also are in the process of adding to our team!”

What is your favorite part of being your own boss?

“It’s too hard to name just one thing because it’s all interconnected. I love the creativity and the satisfaction of building my own business. Work no longer feels like work – it’s my passion, my baby, my creation. I love that I get to choose my clients and follow my own practice philosophies. Last but not least, I love being able to have a flexible schedule. This allows me to dedicate a lot of time to nonprofits, which in turn reinvigorates me. (I often joke that when I retire, I will be a professional philanthropist!)”

What does your morning routine look like?

“It varies depending on what I have scheduled that day. If I don’t have morning Court or meetings, I leisurely get myself up and ready. I especially love cuddling with my kitty, Madison, tending to my plants, and listening to music to set the tone for the day.”

What is your go-to coffee order?

“Iced coffee with soy milk & truvia, and hot in the winter! However, I typically make my coffee at home with a dash of cinnamon straight into the brew basket – it gives it such a good flavor!”

What is your favorite productivity hack?

“At the beginning of your day, write down 3 things you absolutely need to accomplish that day. Put it in a place you can easily see throughout the day – I have a small dry erase board on my desk. If something you didn’t plan for comes up, you can handle it and then get back on track. If you knock out those 3 things, you can do another list of 3 for the afternoon. You’ll always end up doing more by the end of the day!”

What is your favorite business book or podcast?

“I don’t have one – what I’ve learned the most from is a Facebook group called the Maximum Lawyer. It’s a group of lawyers across the U.S. who share ideas about the practice, marketing, and management.”

Where can we find you on the web?!




What would you tell someone who is thinking about booking a branding session with B&B?

“Do it!!! Bret & Brandie really take the time to know you, your brand and your vision. The photos are going to be timeless and tell a story of who you are to your clients.”

What was your favorite part of your branding session with B&B?

“I really appreciate the attention to detail – Brandie was always helping with little fixes that you would later hate in photos…She knows what a gal wants! Looking back on it, I do also have to say they have an incredible presence. Minutes before they arrived my ceiling sprung a leak, so I was very stressed! They were both calm and put me at ease.”

Deckard Law Branding Shoot01.jpg
Deckard Law Branding Shoot02.jpg
Deckard Law Branding Shoot03.jpg
Deckard Law Branding Shoot04.jpg
Deckard Law Branding Shoot06.jpg
Deckard Law Branding Shoot07.jpg
Deckard Law Branding Shoot08.jpg
Deckard Law Branding Shoot09.jpg
Deckard Law Branding Shoot11.jpg
Deckard Law Branding Shoot12.jpg
Deckard Law Branding Shoot13.jpg
Deckard Law Branding Shoot14.jpg

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