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The Maldonado’s In-Home Family Session

May 9, 2022

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The Goedde Family Session

Okayyy….we are OBSESSED!!! 😍 The sweet Maldonado family had us over to their home for a lifestyle family session and it was the most fun thing ever!! We’ve had the honor of photographing SO many magical memories for this fam, so documenting this milestone made our hearts explode with joy!! AND well, these may be some of our most favorite photos yet!! 📸💕

Snuggle in and scroll down to read alll about what the Maldonado family is up to and to see a sneak peek of their beautiful in-home photo session!✨

Tell us a bit about your sweet family!

“David and I have been together for 9 years and married for almost 5 years! Together we have a 6 year old mini golden-doodle, Cooper, and two sweet kiddos, Emmett (3.5) and Kollyns (1)!”

What has your family been up to lately?

“We sold our home!! We’ve been busy packing and designing our new house that we plan to start building later this year!”

What is the best memory you have of your family doing something together?

“Some of our favorite memories together are just the slow days at home full of giggles and sweet cuddles!”

What is your favorite thing about your family?

“I love everything about my family, truly blessed!”

Tell us about your home & what it was like preparing for your in-home session!

“We built this home two years ago with the intentions of staying awhile but when 3.5 acres of land popped up we knew we had to jump on it and build our forever home. We wanted this session to remember this home and all the amazing memories we’ve made here before we start packing it up! Prepping for the session was easy since it was newly off the market and show ready :)”

What is the sweetest memory for your fam from this year so far?

“Taking the kids to Disney on Ice! Emmett loved seeing his favorite Disney characters and Kollyns loved dancing and the food haha!”

What’s next for your family?!

“Moving and then a much deserved beach vacation!!”

What was your favorite part of your session with B&B?

“All of it!! Every time we have a session with B&B it feels like we’re hanging out with family! They play and interact with our kiddos so well which makes the session feel fun and relaxed! We just love B&B so much!!”Maldonado Fam 202201.jpg
Maldonado Fam 202202.jpg
Maldonado Fam 202203.jpg
Maldonado Fam 202204.jpg
Maldonado Fam 202205.jpg
Maldonado Fam 202206.jpg
Maldonado Fam 202207.jpg
Maldonado Fam 202208.jpg
Maldonado Fam 202209.jpg
Maldonado Fam 202210.jpg
Maldonado Fam 202211.jpg
Maldonado Fam 202212.jpg
Maldonado Fam 202213.jpg
Maldonado Fam 202214.jpg
Maldonado Fam 202215.jpg
Maldonado Fam 202216.jpg
Maldonado Fam 202217.jpg
Maldonado Fam 202218.jpg
Maldonado Fam 202219.jpg
Maldonado Fam 202220.jpg
Maldonado Fam 202221.jpg
Maldonado Fam 202222.jpg
Maldonado Fam 202223.jpg
Maldonado Fam 202224.jpg
Maldonado Fam 202225.jpg
Maldonado Fam 202227.jpg
Maldonado Fam 202228.jpg
Maldonado Fam 202229.jpg
Maldonado Fam 202230.jpg
Maldonado Fam 202231.jpg
Maldonado Fam 202232.jpg
Maldonado Fam 202233.jpg
Maldonado Fam 202234.jpg
Maldonado Fam 202235.jpg
Maldonado Fam 202236.jpg
Maldonado Fam 202237.jpg
Maldonado Fam 202238.jpg
Maldonado Fam 202239.jpg

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