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Travis and Emma’s Engagement Session

June 5, 2022

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The Goedde Family Session

We couldn’t love these two more & honestly we are SO excited to share their dreamy engagement session photos!!!  #obsessed When the weather stillll wasn’t cooperating after several reschedules, Emma and Travis made the call to proceed with their session despite the rain…and it was pretty magical!! ☔️ We had so much fun capturing (& celebrating) Emma and Travis’s sweet love and dancing in the rain with these two! 📸💕 Speaking of sweet love, keep scrolling to read allll about how these two got engaged and to dive a little deeper into their love story before checking out their sneak peek below!!😍

How did you meet?!

“Emma’s aunt was Travis’ 4th grade teacher. She enjoyed having Travis so much she requested both of Travis’ brothers that are 4 and 8 years younger than him and would later set him up with her niece.”

What was your first date?!

“Our first date was at Texas Roadhouse October 26th, 2020. We had narrowed it down between wasabi and Roadhouse but ultimately went with Roadhouse because of the rolls. We made it official November 4th, 2020!”

Do you have a favorite date you’ve ever been on together?

“Our favorite date was a trip to Louisville on November 8th, 2020. We went to the outlet malls of the bluegrass and the mall at St Matthew’s. We shared lots of snackies indulging in everything from beef Jerky, to Ghirardelli milkshakes, to cookies ending the day splitting a meal at Joe’s Crabshack. We enjoyed our time together so much we went again last year and plan to make it an annual event.”

When did you get engaged?

“October 30th, 2021”

How did he propose?!

“He got my whole family involved! His mom had planned family pictures because we were going to be dressed up for a wedding. We were supposed to take them down on the riverfront by the water but the weather had other plans, It rained all day. He had my mom take me to get my nails done, she was going to a wedding the next weekend and said she wouldn’t have time to get them done if she didn’t go that day. She took me to pick out a new dress and helped me get all dolled up. I knew she was getting a little TOO excited for someone else’s family pictures but Travis was cool as a cucumber. A family friend was staying in the hotel downtown for the wedding we were to attend and she asked if we could use the lobby for pictures. We took several group photos and got down to individual couple pictures where it was just the two of us left. They moved us around two or three times trying to sneak my family in. My grandparents, parents, aunt and two of my cousins got to see him get on one knee and ask me to marry him. Of course I said yes! We kissed and the rest is history.”

What are your favorite activities to do together?

“We love to listen to murder mystery videos on our hour drive home from work, we love to eat and especially try new restaurants. We collect funko pops and enjoy opening packs of pokemon cards together. We enjoy taking trips to visit our friends, one of my best friends lives in Florida, and one of his best friends lives in st. Louis. We love to spend time with family, especially his niece and nephew.”

For the bride: What are three things you love about your groom?

“I love that he shows his love in everything he does, always pumping my gas, carrying all the bags when we go shopping, always making sure that I’m ok. I love how smart he is, but he isn’t arrogant about it. I love that he always seems to know what I’m thinking, we are on the same page the majority of the time.”

For the groom: What are three things you love about your bride?

“Oh goodness gracious how do I narrow it down to three? I love that’s she’s silly, supportive and hardworking.”

If you could go anywhere on a vacation, where would you go?

“Japan. For all the food, the Pokemon presence, anime, and Tokyo Disney.”

Do you have any pets together?!

“Yesss! Sadie & Piper! Sadie is a beagle and Piper is a yellow lab.”

What is one interesting or random fact about each of you?

“Travis had perfect attendance from pre-school to senior year. Emma knows American Sign Language, she minored in it in college.”

What’s something you are both passionate about (in life)?

“We are both passionate about building a life together, we both want to work hard and build a family of our own.”

Bride, did you get your hair & makeup professionally done for your session? If yes, who did it?!

“Jordan Conder of Southern Styles (hair) and Mackenzie Sorrels (makeup)”

Advice for other couples who are prepping for their engagement session?

“Take it as it comes! We rescheduled twice, once due to work and once due to weather. It still rained on and off and we still loved every second of it.”

What was your favorite part of the engagement session with B&B?

“You guys! Bret & Brandie made our session so easy going and fun!”

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