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Ashley and Beau’s Dreamy Engagement Session

July 7, 2022

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This is what dreams are made of!!😍 Ahh!! Ashley and Beau’s magical engagement session was sincerely so fun and oh so beautiful! We had the BEST time celebrating these two and this sweet season of their life!! WE ARE OBSESSED!! Congrats Ashley and Beau…now, let the wedding countdown begin!!✨🥂🎉

Get to know the happy couple below by checking out their fun Q/As and keep scrolling to see a sneak peek of their gorgeous engagement session!💍

How did you meet?!

“We met in high school through mutual friends. He attended North and I attended Mater Dei. We were just friends for a year before we took each other as dates to the Christmas dance. We each realized that night that there was more to our friendship!”

What was your first date?

“We went to dinner on Valentine’s Day. It was snowing and nobody was out on the roads. The restaurant was empty. It was very sweet!”

Do you have a favorite date you’ve ever been on together?

“Our favorite date was to the drive-in movies!”

When did you get engaged?

“We got engaged on November 14, 2021 in the backyard at my parents house. There were lights in the trees, a picnic set up, and our family and friends came to celebrate with us afterwards!”

What’s your favorite way to spend the weekend?

“We enjoy spending time with our dog and our families. We are currently long distance so we love soaking up all of our time together on the weekends cooking, walking our dog, or going to Barkley Lake.”

For the bride: What are three things you love about your groom?

“I love his creativity, his confidence, and his sense of humor.”

For the groom: What are three things you love about your bride?

“1. She supports me 100% in everything I do. Always there to give me encouragement and give great advice. 2. We can have fun together no matter what we are doing. She knows how to make me laugh and laughs at all of my jokes. 3. I love how loving and caring she is. Her personality rubs off on me and always makes me want to be a better person.”

What do you both do for a living?

“Ashley is a 5th grade teacher at the school she attended as a child. Beau is a CPA and works at BDO in Nashville.”

Do you have any pets together?!

“We have a goldendoodle named Tucker. He’s 3 years old.”

What is one interesting or random fact about each of you?

“Beau is a talented painter and could eat the same thing for every meal. Ashley has never been camping and her favorite dessert is mint chocolate chip ice cream from G.D. Ritzys.”

What was your favorite part of the engagement session?

“I love that Bret and Brandie are husband and wife. It makes the experience feel so much more organic. It truly feels like you’re just hanging out with friends. There’s no pressure and it’s a lot of fun!”

Where did her outfits come from?

“My blue dress came from Revolve. My jeans are Ann Taylor and my blouse is from Forever 21.”

Where did his outfits come from?

“My suit came from Dillards. My khaki pants and blue T-shirt are Lulu Lemon.”

Advice for other couples who are prepping for their engagement session?

“Have fun with your outfits, but don’t put too much pressure on yourself! Once you arrive Bret and Brandie are phenomenal and you have nothing to worry about!!”
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