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Joan and Max’s Summer Wedding

August 19, 2022

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Ahhh!! Can you say BEST DAY EVER?! Joan and Max are married!!🎉 These two promised forever on the most beautiful summer day surrounded by their loved ones in Evansville, Indiana!  Watching Joan and Max celebrate their love was magical and every sweet moment was extraordinary!  Here’s to The Floreks….and here’s to love, laughter and their happily ever after!!🥂✨💕

Snuggle in to read some fun Q/As about the happy couple below and then keep scrolling to see a sneak peek of their dreamy wedding day!😍

Tell us a bit about your wedding!

“Colors were neutral. Black, green and white. The vibe was elegant/ glamour! Best day ever!”

What was your favorite part of your wedding day?

“By far the dance floor!! We loved our band (12th South) they got the everyone up out of their seats to dance all night long!”

Did you go on a honeymoon?

“Yes! We went to Sugar Beach in St Lucia!”

Favorite honeymoon memory?

“We took a romantic sunset boat cruise that was amazing! Hard to choose a favorite memory though!”

For the bride: What are three things you love about your groom?

“His humor, his ambition, and his intelligence”

For the groom: What are three things you love about your bride?

“Her beauty (inside and out), personality, and her ambition for life”

Bride, tell us a bit about who was the most helpful in helping you pull off your dream wedding?!

“Jamie Brewer with Daylily events! Simply could not have done it without her!”

Advice for other couples who are planning their own wedding right now?

“Get a wedding planner!!”

First dance song?

“Can’t Take My Eyes Off You by Frankie Valli”

How big was your wedding party?

“9 each, so 18 total!”

Reception dinner: buffet or served?


Reception: open bar or cash bar?


What dessert did you serve at your reception?

“Cake from Piece of Cake!”

What was your favorite part of working with B&B?!

“Bret and Brandie are professional, responsive, and are so organized! They are fun and definitely exceeded all of our expectations and more! Our favorite part was how they organized a VIP list for us to help streamline the family group photos, they also took the time to remember every important family members names before the big day. They truly went the extra mile and it was so much appreciated!”

Joan and Max001.jpg
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Joan and Max040.jpg
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Joan and Max050.jpg
Joan and Max051.jpg
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Joan and Max053.jpg
Joan and Max054.jpg
Joan and Max056.jpg
Joan and Max057.jpg
Joan and Max058.jpg
Joan and Max060.jpg
Joan and Max061.jpg
Joan and Max062.jpg
Joan and Max063.jpg
Joan and Max064.jpg
Joan and Max065.jpg
Joan and Max066.jpg
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Joan and Max068.jpg
Joan and Max069.jpg
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Joan and Max071.jpg
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Joan and Max076.jpg
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Joan and Max081.jpg
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Joan and Max085.jpg
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Joan and Max093.jpg
Joan and Max095.jpg
Joan and Max096.jpg
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Joan and Max098.jpg
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Joan and Max100.jpg
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Joan and Max107.jpg
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Joan and Max126.jpg
Joan and Max128.jpg
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Joan and Max130.jpg
Joan and Max132.jpg
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Joan and Max135.jpg
Joan and Max136.jpg
Joan and Max137.jpg
Joan and Max139.jpg
Joan and Max140.jpg
Joan and Max141.jpg
Joan and Max142.jpg
Joan and Max144.jpg
Joan and Max145.jpg
Joan and Max146.jpg



Photographers: Bret and Brandie

Wedding Planner: Daylily Events

Ceremony Venue: St Mary Catholic Church

Reception Venue: Evansville Country Club

Makeup Artist: Crystal Perez

Hair Stylist: Montana Daniels

Cake Artist: Piece of Cake

Florist: Petal and Pine

Music: 12 South Band

Gown Boutique: House of White

Invitations: Bailey Marie Studio

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