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Zara and Adam’s Maternity Session

August 17, 2022

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The Goedde Family Session

Ahhh!! We could not be more excited to share this sweet session!! We’ve had the honor of photographing many milestones in Zara and Adam’s life…from their engagement session, to their intimate wedding, then their big wedding celebration and now their maternity session!! 😍 Our hearts are so full seeing these two become parents and we cannot wait for this little one to make her debut soon!!💕

Read more about the parents-to-be and see a sneak peek of Zara and Adam’s sweet session below!!✨

What is the due date for the baby?

“September 15th!”

How did the happy parents meet?

“At work in 2012! :)”

Where did each parent-to-be grow up?

“Zara grew up in Vincennes. Adam grew up in Evansville and Otwell.”

What has mom craved the most during pregnancy?

“Cherry icees, Olive Garden salads, bagels with cream cheese and McDonald’s ice cream cones!”

What was the first thing you two did when you found out you were expecting?

“Took a deep breath, prayed and scheduled an appointment with my OB”

What was the first thing you bought for the baby?

“The nursery furniture!”

What was each parent-to-be’s first word?

“Zara- “Da da””

What’s been your favorite memory of pregnancy thus far?

“Planning our nursery and setting up everything- it’s so exciting!”

Who is more likely to get up in the middle of the night with the baby?!

“We think this will be pretty equal, but probably more in favor of Zara since she plans on breastfeeding.”

Who will be more nervous when labor starts?

“Probably Zara! Adam is the one to calm Zara down. :)”

Which parent is more likely to enforce the rules?

“Both of us! We can both be “by the book”, depending on the situation.”

Which parent will the baby look like?

“We think she’ll be a good mix of both of us. We for sure think she’ll have fair skin, freckles and probably blue eyes. Maybe even red hair!”

Who will change the most diapers?

“Probably Zara. lol”

What was your favorite part of your session with B&B?

“Getting back into the A/C! LOL JK- it was very hot that day. We love Friedman Park- it’s beautiful! And of course, being able to catch up with B&B!”

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