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Hartman Family Summer Session

September 14, 2022

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Oh this sweet family…We just cannot believe that we have had the honor of photographing Kaitlyn & Andrew’s engagement, wedding, & maternity session throughout the last couple years…And now we had their new little one in front of our camera, too!! AHH! Where has the time gone and how are we so lucky?! We just love the Hartman family SO much!! Enjoy some of their dreamy family photos and read their fun Q/As below!😍📸💕

Snuggle in and scroll down to read alll about this sweet family and to see a few of our favorite photos from their summer family session!!🥰

What is something that makes your family special?

“We all share September birthdays!”

What has been your favorite family vacation so far?

“Maui, Hawaii. The Hawaiian islands hold a very special place in our hearts, so it was exciting taking Calvin with us for his very first travel adventure!”

If you could choose any way to spend a family night at home, what would you do?

“Cook dinner together & play with toys on the floor as a family. We especially love reading books to Calvin!”

What is the best memory you have of your family doing something together?

“Riding along with Daddy in the combine during harvest”

What is your favorite family tradition?

“Tractor pulling in the Summer!”

Would you rather time-travel into the past to meet your ancestors or into the future to meet your descendants?

“The future to meet our descendants!”

What’s next for your family?!

“Tackling another harvest season together”

What was your favorite part of your session with B&B?

“B&B have been with us through the most exciting life seasons! They are so personable, friendly, & always make you feel loved. Each session we have had with them has always been a joy!”Hartman Family Summer Session01.jpg
Hartman Family Summer Session03.jpg
Hartman Family Summer Session04.jpg
Hartman Family Summer Session05.jpg
Hartman Family Summer Session06.jpg
Hartman Family Summer Session07.jpg
Hartman Family Summer Session08.jpg
Hartman Family Summer Session10.jpg
Hartman Family Summer Session11.jpg
Hartman Family Summer Session12.jpg
Hartman Family Summer Session13.jpg
Hartman Family Summer Session14.jpg
Hartman Family Summer Session15.jpg
Hartman Family Summer Session16.jpg
Hartman Family Summer Session17.jpg
Hartman Family Summer Session20.jpg
Hartman Family Summer Session21.jpg
Hartman Family Summer Session23.jpg
Hartman Family Summer Session24.jpg
Hartman Family Summer Session26.jpg

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