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Emma and Landon’s Owensboro Wedding

October 29, 2022

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A Downtown Owensboro Wedding

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Oh Emma and Landon…to know these two is to love these two and capturing their sweet wedding day was nothing short of pure magic!! 😍 The sweet newlyweds were so full of love & joy throughout the entire day! From their beautiful first look, to promising forever, to photos and snuggles with their pup, and allll the way to dancing the night away at the reception, Emma and Landon’s wedding was amazing!!! #bestdayever   Get to know E&L more by reading their fun Q/As below and enjoy some of the sweetest wedding photos EVER!✨

Tell us a bit about your wedding!

Colors: maroon, grey, and gold

Location: River Park Center Special

Happenings: we had a welcome party Friday night for family and friends who traveled from out of town. It was such a great way to see and talk to so many people that travelled very far to celebrate us! It was also a great opportunity to connect with everyone because the wedding day was so busy. I’m glad we had an extra event to get loved ones together to celebrate!

What was your favorite part of your wedding day?

The absolute best part for both of us was the first look. We also loved hanging out in the dressing rooms of the river park with the bridal party before and after the ceremony!

Did you go on a honeymoon?

Yes! We went to Kauai, HI. It was a DREAM vacation, we loved every second of it! We took a helicopter tour of Kauai and it was breathtaking. We also loved just spending time together relaxing and truly enjoying marriage with the stress of the wedding was behind us!

Did you two do a first look?!

Yes! We wanted to get a lot of pictures out of the way before the ceremony. It ended up being our favorite part of the day!  We were on the patio of the River Park Center. Landon walked out with his eyes closed and stood with his back to me. Before I tapped him on the back, I got weak in the knees and had never been so excited. He turned around and it was SUCH a great moment. He teared up a bit and we were both so happy. We laughed and just took the moment in together, it was so special!

What’s next? What are you two planning on tackling next in life?

Landon is starting a new job and we’re hoping to start a family!

For the bride: What are three things you love about your groom?

I love his determination, his caring heart, and his ability to (learn how to) make/fix anything and everything.

For the groom: What are three things you love about your bride?

I love her big caring heart, her motivation/ drive, and her smile.

Bride, tell us a bit about who was the most helpful in helping you pull off your dream wedding!

My mother definitely helped out a TON!

Advice for other couples who are planning their own wedding right now?

If you don’t have a day of coordinator, make sure you have a point person so the bride/ groom aren’t having to make decisions or feel any stress. Make sure the point person can help coordinate the flow of the evening and knows your expectations/ plans to they can take stress of the bride and groom.

First dance song?

Millionaire by Chris Stapleton

Ceremony music?

We used instrumental covers of Perfect, Speechless, and a few others

How big was your wedding party?

4 bridesmaids and 4 groomsmen

Reception dinner: buffet or served?


Reception: open bar or cash bar?


What dessert did you serve at your reception?


Did you give out a wedding favor? If yes, what was it?

Yes! Big Turkey Foot Coffee samples! (locally roasted in Owensboro, KY)

Emma and Landon001.jpg
Emma and Landon002.jpg
Emma and Landon004.jpg
Emma and Landon005.jpg
Emma and Landon007.jpg
Emma and Landon008.jpg
Emma and Landon009.jpg
Emma and Landon010.jpg
Emma and Landon011.jpg
Emma and Landon012.jpg
Emma and Landon014.jpg
Emma and Landon015.jpg
Emma and Landon016.jpg
Emma and Landon017.jpg
Emma and Landon018.jpg
Emma and Landon019.jpg
Emma and Landon021.jpg
Emma and Landon022.jpg
Emma and Landon024.jpg
Emma and Landon025.jpg
Emma and Landon026.jpg
Emma and Landon027.jpg
Emma and Landon028.jpg
Emma and Landon029.jpg
Emma and Landon030.jpg
Emma and Landon031.jpg
Emma and Landon032.jpg
Emma and Landon033.jpg
Emma and Landon034.jpg
Emma and Landon035.jpg
Emma and Landon036.jpg
Emma and Landon037.jpg
Emma and Landon038.jpg
Emma and Landon040.jpg
Emma and Landon041.jpg
Emma and Landon042.jpg
Emma and Landon044.jpg
Emma and Landon045.jpg
Emma and Landon046.jpg
Emma and Landon047.jpg
Emma and Landon048.jpg
Emma and Landon049.jpg
Emma and Landon050.jpg
Emma and Landon051.jpg
Emma and Landon052.jpg
Emma and Landon053.jpg
Emma and Landon054.jpg
Emma and Landon055.jpg
Emma and Landon056.jpg
Emma and Landon058.jpg
Emma and Landon059.jpg
Emma and Landon060.jpg
Emma and Landon061.jpg
Emma and Landon062.jpg
Emma and Landon063.jpg
Emma and Landon065.jpg
Emma and Landon066.jpg
Emma and Landon067.jpg
Emma and Landon068.jpg
Emma and Landon069.jpg
Emma and Landon070.jpg
Emma and Landon071.jpg
Emma and Landon072.jpg
Emma and Landon073.jpg
Emma and Landon074.jpg
Emma and Landon076.jpg
Emma and Landon077.jpg
Emma and Landon078.jpg
Emma and Landon079.jpg
Emma and Landon080.jpg
Emma and Landon081.jpg
Emma and Landon082.jpg
Emma and Landon084.jpg
Emma and Landon085.jpg
Emma and Landon086.jpg
Emma and Landon087.jpg
Emma and Landon088.jpg
Emma and Landon089.jpg
Emma and Landon090.jpg
Emma and Landon091.jpg
Emma and Landon092.jpg
Emma and Landon093.jpg
Emma and Landon094.jpg
Emma and Landon095.jpg
Emma and Landon096.jpg
Emma and Landon097.jpg
Emma and Landon099.jpg
Emma and Landon100.jpg
Emma and Landon101.jpg
Emma and Landon102.jpg
Emma and Landon103.jpg
Emma and Landon104.jpg
Emma and Landon105.jpg
Emma and Landon106.jpg
Emma and Landon107.jpg
Emma and Landon108.jpg
Emma and Landon109.jpg
Emma and Landon110.jpg
Emma and Landon111.jpg
Emma and Landon112.jpg
Emma and Landon113.jpg
Emma and Landon114.jpg
Emma and Landon115.jpg
Emma and Landon116.jpg
Emma and Landon117.jpg
Emma and Landon119.jpg
Emma and Landon120.jpg
Emma and Landon121.jpg
Emma and Landon122.jpg
Emma and Landon123.jpg
Emma and Landon124.jpg
Emma and Landon125.jpg
Emma and Landon126.jpg
Emma and Landon127.jpg
Emma and Landon128.jpg
Emma and Landon129.jpg



Photographers: Bret and Brandie

Venue: River Park Center

Makeup Artist: Cara Culberson/ Talon Smith (C Leigh C Salon)

Hair Stylist: Cara Culberson/ Talon Smith

Cake Artist: Emma Wilson (Emazing Cupcakes & Treats)

Caterer: Bauerhaus Evansville

Florist: Welborns

DJ: Songbird

Gown Boutique: House of White

Bridesmaids Gown Boutique: Birdy Grey

Groom Boutique: Men’s Warehouse

Officiant: Pem Clark

Rings: Brinkers

Guest Favors: Big Turkey Foot Coffee

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