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Hunter and Scott’s Proposal

October 20, 2022

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HE SAID YES!!! Ahhh!! While we were in DC there was one sneaky surprise we couldn’t WAIT to capture…Hunter and Scott are ENGAGED!!! Planning with Hunter and keeping this sweet secret over the last few months was only the beginning of the magic…celebrating and capturing these two kickoff their journey to forever was THE BEST!! We just love this cutie couple more than anything!! Congratulations Hunter & Scott!!! Now…let the wedding planning begin!!🥂✨🎉

Read more about these two and keep scrolling to see some photos of their epic proposal!!😍

How did you meet?!

We met at a bar (called number nine) where Scott worked at the time. Even though it took me (Hunter) months to work up the guts to actually talk to him; I knew there was something special about him, so Hunter had his entire kickball team investigate everything they could find out about Scott.

What was your first date?

Our first date we were suppose to go out to eat together but life happened and we had really long days at work. We decided to still hangout at Hunter’s apartment and watch Selling Sunsets, still one of our favorite shows. We are both super happy we didn’t let life slow us down that day.

When did you start dating?

We started dating “officially” in October of 2020. Scott had to work for it. I made him meet a lot of friends and get their approval before we made it official. We also couldn’t leave my mom out and Scott sure did impress her when she visited in mid October 2020.

How did he propose?!

Hunter convinced Scott they were going to dinner to meet friends in town at a Michelin star restaurant, so to dress nicely. Hunter told Scott at the elevator that he had forgotten his wallet and to run back and get it so Scott wouldn’t see everything set up at the pool a few floors below. As the elevator doors closed, Hunter had hit floor 1 and then hit floor 5 saying he was going to get a book from our neighbor really quickly while she was available, but as soon as we turned out of the elevator, a beautiful display of rose petals lined the way to a grand display of bouquets and illuminated letters that spelled out “will you marry me” as they walked to the letters hand in hand, friends cheered from the side as Hunter took Scott in front of the letters to get down on one knee and propose. After putting the ring on Scott, their friends handed Scott the ring he had got for Hunter and Scott said “wait so I have to get down on one knee now, or can I just put it on you?”

What was your favorite part of your proposal?!

Scott: I was completely surprised! I knew it was coming, but not as soon as it did (I figured it would have been a weekend or something). It was beautiful and picture perfect! We both looked great and I was so happy to have our closest friends there to witness it (and that Hunter got them together by 6pm on a Wednesday). The rest of the evening was spent dining and celebrating late into the night!

What are your favorite activities to do together?

We love to travel and try new restaurants around DC.

Do you have a favorite date you’ve ever been on together?

One of our favorite dates was celebrating our one year at a restaurant called Le Kliff while we were on vacation in Mexico. The restaurant is on cliff overlooking the ocean with stunning views. The food was amazing and the date was a great way for us to slow down and enjoy each other while on vacation with friends.

What would the perfect date night look like or include?

The perfect date night for us is a date night at home. Hunter cooking steaks and salmon, and Scott cooking asparagus and potatoes paired with a nice glass of a smokey red wine. Followed up with playing games on our Nintendo switch or doing a puzzle.

What’s your favorite way to spend the weekend?

Drinking wine, playing video games together, sleeping in, playing with the girls (dogs), ideally there is a beach or pool involved depending on the season!

For Scott: What are three things you love about Hunter?

His huge heart. He is a tough guy / mr boss on the outside, but a total sweet heart and softie on the inside (he can even be pretty shy)! I love how much he cares about his/our family and those close to him. “You fuck with them, you fuck with him!” His love is limitless and dedicated to make me feel valued, seen, and appreciated for all of me. I am more than any imperfections or insecurities I may have. From every good morning kiss to very good night kiss, I know I am loved. His discipline and confidence. He works hard to make anything he truely wants, happen. He motivates me to do better every day for us and our family. He always excels and works hard every day at being the best athlete, boss, dog daddy, and now fiancé! Love and success are in the smallest of details and he makes sure everything is perfect for us. His ability to motivate and inspire. It is no surprise Hunter was a D1 cheerleader at Purdue, because his passion and energy is infectious. He has helped me to find confidence and love for myself I have never had before. I’m optimistic and excited for the future we will continue to build together because we are always each others biggest supporters.

For Hunter: What are three things you love about Scott?

First and my absolute favorite is his personality. If you have ever met Scott then you know how sweet he is and passionate about the things he loves. Scott is truly one of kind and I am a very lucky man to have him by my side. Second is that smile, I mean just look at! How can you not smile back at that?! Lastly, is his drive. Scott is always working to better himself in many ways. He continues to grow every day as a person and always working on making our relationship stronger. He is truly inspiring and encourages me to continue to grow as well.

Describe yourselves as a couple!

We would describe ourselves as mixture of a lot of things. We complement each other in many different ways but the one thing that always stays the same is we are each others biggest supporters in all we do. We’re always each others biggest fans (Scott has a kickball shirt with Hunter’s face on the back)

If you could go anywhere on a vacation, where would you go?

We haven’t been to Europe together yet, so that is definitely at the top of our list. We both have loved our past trips to Europe and are itching to make a trip back. We would love a multi-country trip exploring different parts of Europe.

What’s your favorite place you’ve ever been?!

Curaçao! Hunter surprised Scott for his 30th birthday with a trip to the Caribbean, and Scott didn’t find out where they were going until after airport security/ right before boarding the plane. It was an amazing trip of swimming with turtles, reading, exploring, all inclusive drinks, and memories to last after the tans faded

Do you have any pets together? If so, what are they and what are their names!

We have two spoiled girls that our are everything. We have Bella that is a seven year old Toy Australian Shepherd and Sia that is a two year old yellow Lab.

What is one interesting or random fact about each of you?

We are the exact same ring size so we were able to get exact matching rings.

What’s something you are both passionate about in life?

Family. We are both very family oriented and can’t wait to raise our future children.

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