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May 27, 2023

Hello, loves!

Here you'll find our latest work, recent travels, our current projects and other fun happenings! We hope you enjoy your visit to our home on the web!

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A Downtown Owensboro Wedding

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Preparing for your wedding day should be filled with excitement and joy, not stress and anxiety! B&B are totally #teamnostress…so to help you sail through the planning process with a smile on your face, here are our five unconventional tips for preparing for wedding day stress:

  1. Embrace the power of laughter: Laughter truly is the best medicine, even when it comes to wedding planning. Don’t be afraid to find humor in the little mishaps and hiccups along the way. From a cake tasting gone wrong to funny dance moves during your first dance practice, keep your sense of humor intact and turn those moments into cherished memories. What’s life without a little laughter?!
  2. Treat yourself like royalty: Remember, you’re the star of the show! Pamper yourself throughout the planning process… Indulge in a spa day, treat yourself to your favorite dessert, or have a Netflix binge-watching session in your comfiest PJs. Taking care of yourself and indulging in little luxuries will help keep your stress levels in check. #selfcareislife
  3. Create a dance party playlist: When you feel overwhelmed, nothing beats dancing it out to your favorite tunes. Create a wedding playlist that includes all your go-to feel-good songs. Whenever you feel the stress creeping in, crank up the volume and have a spontaneous dance party. It’s a fantastic stress reliever and a reminder of the fun that awaits on your big day with your family and friends!
  4. Take breaks from wedding talk: While wedding planning is important, it’s equally important to give yourself a break from the constant wedding talk. Schedule regular date nights or outings with your partner where you both agree not to discuss anything wedding-related. This dedicated time will allow you to reconnect and remember the reasons why you’re getting married in the first place!
  5. Share funny wedding stories: Reach out to friends, family, or social media to hear their funny wedding stories. Listening to hilarious anecdotes from others who have been through it all can help you put things into perspective and realize that even the most *unexpected* moments can make for fantastic memories. Plus, a good laugh is guaranteed to lighten the mood and alleviate any wedding jitters.

Maintaining a sense of joy, laughter, and adventure throughout the wedding planning process can make allll the difference…Cheers to a stress-free and truly magical wedding day!!🥂✨💕


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