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The Power of Blogging: Why We Blog Every Session

June 19, 2023

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THE POWER OF BLOGGING: Why Photographers Should Blog Every Session

In this digital age, we’ve got plenty of ways to show off our photography skills….While social media steals the spotlight, there’s one unsung hero that deserves some love: blogging! We are BIG fans of blogging everything we can and sharing every single session…here are three super snappy reasons why photographers should seriously consider blogging after every session, too!!

Tell the Tale Behind the Shots

Photography is all about freezing moments, capturing emotions, and weaving sweet stories. Each session has its own epic narrative, and blogging gives us a platform to spill the beans on what went down behind the lens. Sharing the deets, inspiration, and some BTS goodness lets us connect with our clients and audience on a deeper level. It adds that personal touch, making our work relatable and totally engrossing.

Boost Your Online Mojo and SEO

In this jungle of a digital world, being visible is key to grabbing those dreamy clients and rising above the competition. Blogging regularly about each session lets us serve up fresh, relevant, and SEO-friendly content on a silver platter…We can sprinkle in some juicy keywords, relevant tags, and metadata to help our blog posts rank higher in search results organically. So when potential clients search for a talented photog, guess who’s gonna pop up? That’s right, you!

Establish Street Cred and Build Awesome Relationships

Blogging gives us a golden opportunity to flaunt our expertise and show off our skills, too! By sharing insights, tips, and even a few handy tutorials related to our sessions, we can establish ourselves as the go-to gurus in the photography game. People love learning from the best, and when they see us dropping knowledge bombs, they’ll flock to our corner of the internet. Plus, engaging with readers through comments and feedback helps us create a tight-knit community and opens doors to epic collaborations and future gigs…It’s a win-win situation!

All together now…it’s time to embrace the power of blogging! Sharing the stories behind our sessions, boosting our online visibility, and establishing ourselves as top dogs in the photography world—all of it’s possible with a simple blog post. So let’s snap those shots and capture our sessions in words. Get ready to shine, stand out, and make your mark in the wild world of photography. Happy blogging, friends!

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