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Christine and Zach’s Maternity Session

August 27, 2023

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The Goedde Family Session

There’s a sweet babe coming oh so soon for these two!😍💕✨ Zach and Christine are about to join the parents club and we were unbelievably honored to photograph this season of their life!!  Seeing these two snuggle, giggle and celebrate their daughter was the SWEETEST!  Here’s to Christine and Zach embarking on the greatest adventure of all…let the countdown to parenthood begin!!💗

Snuggle in and scroll down to read the fun Q/As from C&Z and to see a sneak peek of their dreamy maternity session!!✨

When is the due date?!

“October 4”

How did the happy parents meet?

“We met the Fall semester of our Sophomore year of college at a Battle of the Sexes event that was the male dorms versus the female dorms. By the end of Spring semester we were dating and we’ve been inseparable ever since.”

What has mom craved the most during pregnancy?

“I’m a girl who’s had cravings her whole life and has just followed them wherever they take me, HA! Because of that I feel like specific cravings haven’t really stood out to me. I am eating fresh fruit like there’s no tomorrow, but I guess the one weird thing that I’ve started craving in the third trimester is ice water! I’ve always preferred drinking water room temperature, but this last month or so the colder the better. Now, I don’t know if that’s a craving or if that’s just what it’s like being 7-8 months pregnant in July and August. LOL!”

What was the first thing you two did when you found out you were expecting?

“Hmmmm, the first thing we did. Such a good question. I found out before Zach…obviously, HA! But in my head I always thought I’d do this fun reveal thing, but honestly I was just so excited that I couldn’t wait to plan anything and just yelled at him from the bathroom. I’m fairly certain we were both still in our pajamas and were just giddy and partially in disbelief.”

What was the first thing you bought for the baby?

“WOW! Zach just reminded me of this, but yeeeeeaaaars ago before I was even sure I wanted kids–I was in college, me and Zach had just started dating, and I had a summer job in the shoe department of a Walmart. One day while I was working I found this adorable pair of TINY, yellow summer shoes. They were on sale and I don’t know why, but I felt compelled to buy them. Fast forward 15 years and they were still in my childhood closet at my parents house. Now those shoes are in the closet of our daughter’s nursery. So, I guess technically that’s the first thing we bought for the baby!”

What was each parent-to-be’s first word?

“So, neither of our parents know what our first words were for certain anymore, but I feel like they were something charismatic, intelligent and equally humorous like I’m sure everyone would say about the adult versions of us. LOL!”

What’s been your favorite memory of pregnancy thus far?

“There’s been a lot of favorite memories, but I think for me (Christine) my favorite was when Zach got to feel her kick for the first time. Zach says his favorite memory is one of the most recent ones where he was tapping on my stomach and the baby would respond back every time where he had just tapped. It was almost like she was following him.”

Who is more likely to get up in the middle of the night with the baby?

“Hands down, Zach! I could sleep with a freight train going by my window (although everyone says that changes after the baby) and Zach is much more of a night owl who spends a fair amount of time up at night already. He’s already said he’s looking forward to having his little buddy around to hang out with him at night.”

Who will be more nervous when labor starts?

“Definitely me (Christine)! I joke that whenever I start to get worried about actually giving birth I just push it out of my mind and distract myself with something else like any healthy person would do, LOL! We’ve had some unexpected things happen during this pregnancy though and I feel like tackling those has: 1. Made me live in a place of extreme gratitude during this whole pregnancy, and 2. It’s shown me that I can get through hard things, especially with Zach by my side. I think that’s helped make me less nervous than I used to be.”

Which parent is more likely to enforce the rules?

“Zach says it’s him, but we’ll see about that, HA!”

Which parent will the baby look like?

“Both of our families have strong resemblances that run in the family, but in her ultrasounds people have said she looks like me (Christine) already. We were just comparing her ultrasound to my little nephews ultrasound the other day and they were SO similar, so maybe that’s another sign? Zach says he hopes she is just like her momma.”

Who will change the most diapers?

“Zach. He is such a helper with EVERYTHING in general and always has been our entire relationship. As soon as someone needs something, especially me (Christine), he’s up and handling it in a snap. I feel like because of that he’s going to be beating me to a lot of things, especially in those early weeks where I’m recovering.”

Who is most likely to obsessively research baby products and parenting techniques?

“Hahaha, that’d be me (Christine). I already found myself stressed out just building out the baby shower registry because I was researching every product before I added it. Can we just have one type of excellent stroller, one type of excellent baby monitor, etc. so people like me don’t lose their minds?!”

Who is most likely to have a phone filled with adorable baby videos to show anyone who’s willing to watch?

“Probably, me (Christine). I’m the photographer and story teller of the family, typically. I try to live in the moment, but if I’m being honest I usually have at the very least my phone ready to catch my favorite moments–the little everyday ones.”

Who is most likely to get emotional during their child’s first milestones?

“Both of us. I’m (Christine) already a pretty emotional person just in general. I cry reading children’s books sometimes just because they’re so beautiful, but Zach has already talked about how sad he’s going to be when she outgrows her newborn onesies and she’s not even here yet. I think there’s going to plenty of passing around of the kleenexes in this family.”

Who is most likely to accidentally use baby talk in a serious conversation?

“Hahaha! I could be wrong, but I don’t think either of us. We have nephews and a niece that grew up around us and we were those people who would have weirdly normal conversations in completely normal tones with them as babies. LOL! She’s our first baby of our own so I guess we’ll have to wait and see!”

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