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The Gilmore Family

September 20, 2023

Hello, loves!

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The Goedde Family Session

Oh the sweet Gilmore family!! We adore getting this cutie fam in front of our cameras for their annual Fall photo session at their dreamy home!! The kiddos, the giggles, the memories…this incredible fam makes our job FUN!! 📸💕 We just love the Gilmores!! Grab some coffee, snuggle in and enjoy reading their Q/As before scrolling to see a sneak peek of their sweet session!! 💛✨

What has your family been up to lately?

“There are always projects to work on here at the homestead! We are finishing up our remodel inside, but outside we’ve been wrapping up the garden for the season and prepping things for the coming colder months!”

What is something that makes your family special?

“With such a huge fam, we often get the stares and the “how many kids do you have??” But we love it :)”

What has been your favorite family vacation so far?

“Sanibel Island is a family favorite for sure!”

If you could choose any way to spend a family night at home, what would you do?

“Hang out outside for hours, watching kids run and laugh and play!”

What is the best memory you have of your family doing something together?

“One time, we came home from church on a Sunday afternoon, spontaneously decided to go to Gatlinburg, canceled all of our plans for the week, booked a cabin and were gone within the hour. It was so much fun!”

What is your favorite family tradition?

“Our Sanibel Island trip every February!”

What is your family looking forward to over the next few months?

“A season of slowing down, enjoying our finished home and planning for a new spring!”

What was your favorite part of your session with B&B?

“Bret and Brandie are always so amazing to work with! They make everything go so smoothly, when it could be so chaotic. They always play and laugh and listen to the kiddos and it’s always so much fun!”

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