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Life and Love Sessions

The McGeehee Family

October 3, 2023

Hello, loves!

Here you'll find our latest work, recent travels, our current projects and other fun happenings! We hope you enjoy your visit to our home on the web!

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A Downtown Owensboro Wedding

A Downtown Chicago Engagement

The Goedde Family Session

Oh we just LOVE and adore this sweet family SO much!! We had the honor of venturing down to the McGeehee home to capture an extended family session…these are the photos and these are the moments we live for! 🥰 They were the most fun and oh so full of love & giggles!! We are OBSESSED!!!

Get to know this fun fam below by checking out their answers to our ‘Who is Most Likely’ game!! Then, keep scrolling to see a sneak peek into their sweet session!!✨

Most likely to last the longest while holding their breath?


Most likely to do the craziest publicity stunts?


Most likely to get a Grammy award?

“Josh for his Cody Jinks impersonations”

Most likely to forget where they parked their car?


Most likely to get married first?

“Grandma & Grandpa”

Most likely to go bungee jumping?


Most likely to go crazy at the mall?


Most likely to go surfing?


Most likely to go grocery shopping for one thing, and come back with everything else than the one thing?

“Sheila & Starla”

Most likely to go on a blind date arranged by their mom?


Most likely to go skydiving?


Most likely to win a karaoke contest?


Most likely to fall asleep during a movie?


Most likely to fall down the stairs?


Most likely to eat a bug?


Most likely to eat the highest number of burgers within 10 minutes?

“Josh & Andrew”

Most likely to fail a driving test?


Most likely to spend the most money on shoes?


Most likely to become a doctor?


Most likely to forget their wallet/purse at a shop?


Most likely to lock their key in the car?


Most likely to take the longest to get ready?


Most likely to cry over a movie?


Most likely to wear mismatched shoes by accident?



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