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The Golding Maternity Session

November 14, 2023

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The Goedde Family Session

And then there were three… Jonathan and Cherie are parents-to-be!!! 😍🎉 We had so much fun celebrating this sweet season of life with these two and their cutie pups!!! Watching Jonathan and Cherie snuggle, giggle and excitedly chat about their new parenting adventure was absolutely ADORABLE! Our hearts are so full and we are so thrilled to see J&C enter their ✨mom & dad era✨!  Congratulations to your sweet family, Jonathan and Cherie!!

Enjoy reading some of the fun answers from the happy couple & keep scrolling to see a sneak peek of their maternity session below!! 💙

When is the due date?!

“December 27, 2023”

How did the happy parents meet?

“Online (we matched on 3 sites and figured we might be compatible haha)”

What has mom craved the most during pregnancy?

“No major cravings other than sleep!!”

What was the first thing your two did when you found out you were expecting?

“Cherie screamed and ran to show Jonathan the pregnancy test because she was so shocked since it was really early (we did IVF and the embryo transfer occurred on Monday and we knew on Saturday he had implanted due to an early pregnancy test)…then Cherie called her mom to tell her!”

What was the first thing you bought for the baby?

“Cherie bought him an overall outfit at the downtown Newburgh shop Hooray”

What was each parent-to-be’s first word?

“Not sure on first words, but Cherie could pretty quickly identify mall and point to the Green River exit on the Lloyd”

What’s been your favorite memory of pregnancy thus far?

“For Cherie it has been getting to feel the baby kick and move, for Jonathan it has been the ultrasounds and getting to see him moving on the screen”

Who is more likely to get up in the middle of the night with the baby?

“Cherie since she gets 6 months of maternity leave and won’t be working, but Jonathan will help on weekends!!”

Who will be more nervous when labor starts?

“Cherie, although Jonathan might want to leave the room since Cherie doesn’t like pain”

Which parent is more likely to enforce the rules?

“Probably both of us but in different ways”

Which parent will the baby look like?


Who will change the most diapers?

“Cherie since she will be home with him for the first 6 months”

Who is most likely to obsessively research baby products and parenting techniques?


Who is most likely to have a phone filled with adorable baby videos to show anyone who’s willing to watch?


Who is most likely to get emotional during their child’s first milestones?

“Most likely both of us but in different ways and for different milestones”

Who is most likely to accidentally use baby talk in a serious conversation?


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