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Behind the Lens: Year-End Tasks for Photographers

December 1, 2023

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Hey sweet shutterbugs! 📸✨ Another year is winding down, and it’s time to put a bow on your photography game as we wrap up 2023… Here are five handy suggestions to help you slide into the next year with style…

File Fiesta: Declutter and Back It Up, Baby

Let’s face it—our digital worlds can become a hot mess when we’re in the thick of busy season…Take a breather, and then tackle organizing those photo files into neat little folders. And then, don’t forget the backup boogie! Whether it’s on cloud backup service or on a trusty external hard drive, double down on your photo protection game!  Remove everything that you don’t need and put easy *fresh* methods in place before your next gig! No more losing sleep over lost pixels!

Dollars and Sense: Count Your Dollas

It’s that dreadful time…so dust off those spreadsheets and see where your camera charisma has taken you financially…Did you hit your goals? Did you make bank?? Take a moment to evaluate where you landed financially…Adjust those pricing vibes if needed and set some money goals for the next round. If numbers aren’t your jam now is the time to think about getting a money-savvy sidekick to help you navigate the coin maze…we would be LOST without Honeybook + our accountant!!

Portfolio Party: Show Off Your A-Game

Your website’s portfolio is basically your Insta feed for clients. Take a moment to freshen it up! Swap out the oldies for the goodies…Weed out the cringe-worthy shots and replace them with your shiny new masterpieces that you made this year. Your portfolio should be like a VIP party for your best work, so make sure you’re showing off the best of the best!

Social Safari: Give Your Online Presence a Glow-Up

Winter is the perfect time for a social spring cleaning….Check on your alllll of your profiles, update that bio, make sure everything looks good, and sprinkle some love on those hashtags that you’ve been using. Then share the highlights & recaps of your year…hello easy content!  Wrap up 2023 with a few posts featuring your favorite work!

Learn and Burn: Feed Your Creative Fire

Use this slow season to feed your creative fire!! Education doesn’t have to be boring, peeps! Dig in and dive into that online course you’ve had your eye on, join a virtual workshop, or binge-watch photography content on YouTube…now is the time to freshen your skills, hone in on your style and revamp your spirit!

In a nutshell, the end of the year is your chance to tidy up, flex those money muscles, flaunt your best shots, slay on social media, and feed that creative fire….So, Snap Out of It and get ready to own the next year like the photo ninja you are! 🚀📷   Happy 2023…and here’s to kicking off 2024 with a BANG!!✨

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