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Ella Park Bridal’s Branding + Headshot Session

March 30, 2022

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Say hello to the Ella Park Bridal team!!😍 Ella Park Bridal is a female-owned bridal boutique offering bridal gowns, bridesmaid dresses, tuxedo rentals & in-house alterations to brides in Newburgh, Indiana and beyond!! The whole team is magnetic, full of love and SO fun to be around!! We just adore allll of these sweet gals and getting everyone in front of our camera was the best!!💕 Snuggle in and scroll down to read more about the team and to see a preview of this incredible branding session!!✨

Tell us about your biz:

“In owning Ella Park, I’m living my little girl dream. Alongside this dynamite team of women, I’m lucky enough to serve brides + their families during one of the happiest times of their lives. We do it all when it comes to wedding attire; brides, maids, moms, accessories + menswear! You can follow along with our new arrivals + daily antics at @ellaparkbridal on Instagram and TikTok– we can’t wait to see you there!”

Describe a usual day for the team:

“Let’s use Saturday, for example!

As the busiest day of the week, it’s surefire that everyone will show up a bit earlier than usual for our team meeting, coffee in-hand (or Mountain Dew, if you’re Tori!) Emily and I usually lead with any need-to-knows in order to get us all on the same page for the day; we don’t all work together every other day of the week, so Saturday is usually the best time to hash out the tiniest of details and bring everyone up to speed on new gown arrivals, goals for the day, and any hot-takes that I may have received from our designers throughout the week. I usually close with some variation of my infamous “Treat the Janitor the Same Way You’d Treat the CEO” spiel, and we make any last minute tweaks to the store to make things feel even more magical for the first round of brides. One last sip of coffee and its go-time!

On any given Saturday, we don’t hit pause. From 10:00 am when the doors open until we wave our last bride au revoir around 5:00, we’re in go-go mode. Most often, you’ll find Emily and myself floating from room to room, offering alllll the extra hype to the bride and providing the stylist with any additional support she may need! This has to be my favorite part; I love getting to know brides and their parties, seeing what gowns the stylists have pulled, offering additional insight, and being immersed in that much pure, genuine joy. I’m so lucky to have a team that loves what they do. It truly never gets old to see someone find their perfect gown — and that makes it all worth it. “

What 3 words describe your team?

“Passionate, genuine, + caring.

I think those three words speak for themselves; if you’ve been to Ella Park recently, I feel certain you’d be able to pin at least one of those attributes to any one of our team members, too!”

What is the best memory the team has of working together?

“Oh, this feels like a loaded question! How do I choose just one?!

What sticks out to me is technically an off-the-clock memory, and it’s seemingly not that notable. Around Christmastime, we had our holiday party at my home to celebrate all that 2021 had brought us, both professionally and personally. My house was so full of love and laughter that night. As such a close-knit team, we feel all of our highs and all of our lows together. I remember standing in my living room, looking back at all of the people who had made my first year as a business owner even better than what I could have imagined in my wildest dreams, and I just started crying.  It is so easy for me to get caught up in the hustle and the madness of each passing day, but taking a step back in that moment, I realized my Daddy was right all along- “If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.” “

Where can we find you on the web?

Instagram: @ellaparkbridal

TikTok: @ellaparkbridal



Ella Park Bridal01.jpg
Ella Park Bridal02.jpg
Ella Park Bridal04.jpg
Ella Park Bridal05.jpg
Ella Park Bridal07.jpg
Ella Park Bridal08.jpg
Ella Park Bridal09.jpg
Ella Park Bridal10.jpg
Ella Park Bridal11.jpg
Ella Park Bridal12.jpg
Ella Park Bridal13.jpg
Ella Park Bridal14.jpg
Ella Park Bridal15.jpg
Ella Park Bridal16.jpg
Ella Park Bridal18.jpg
Ella Park Bridal19.jpg
Ella Park Bridal20.jpg
Ella Park Bridal22.jpg
Ella Park Bridal23.jpg
Ella Park Bridal24.jpg
Ella Park Bridal25.jpg
Ella Park Bridal26.jpg
Ella Park Bridal27.jpg
Ella Park Bridal28.jpg
Ella Park Bridal29.jpg
Ella Park Bridal30.jpg
Ella Park Bridal31.jpg
Ella Park Bridal33.jpg
Ella Park Bridal34.jpg
Ella Park Bridal35.jpg
Ella Park Bridal36.jpg
Ella Park Bridal38.jpg
Ella Park Bridal39.jpg
Ella Park Bridal40.jpg
Ella Park Bridal41.jpg
Ella Park Bridal43.jpg
Ella Park Bridal44.jpg
Ella Park Bridal45.jpg
Ella Park Bridal47.jpg
Ella Park Bridal48.jpg
Ella Park Bridal49.jpg
Ella Park Bridal50.jpg
Ella Park Bridal51.jpg
Ella Park Bridal52.jpg
Ella Park Bridal54.jpg
Ella Park Bridal55.jpg
Ella Park Bridal56.jpg
Ella Park Bridal57.jpg
Ella Park Bridal58.jpg
Ella Park Bridal59.jpg
Ella Park Bridal60.jpg
Ella Park Bridal61.jpg
Ella Park Bridal62.jpg
Ella Park Bridal64.jpg
Ella Park Bridal65.jpg
Ella Park Bridal66.jpg
Ella Park Bridal68.jpg


Want to see more? Check out Elizabeth’s headshot session from last year!!





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