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We are Bret and Brandie, best friends, high school sweethearts, and husband & wife wedding photographers.This is where you will find our latest work and other fun happenings! We hope you enjoy your visit to our home on the web! Curious about who we are?







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July 21, 2018

Timeless Downtown Evansville Wedding


Megan and Connor | Evansville, IN

Megan and Connor0128.jpg


Ooooh these two!????  To know them is to love them and that’s why we are SO excited to introduce you to Megan and Connor today!! 

Before we dive right into the wedding, let’s press rewind and reminisce on their engagement session in Washington DC!  We ventured down to DC for this session and had the time of our life!  Not only because we love to travel, but because spending quality time with Megan and Connor simply made us fall in love with them even more!!  Not only are they clearly soulmates, but they share a passion for being kind-hearted.  The smiles, the laugh, and the sweet way they spread happiness to everyone around them is contagious!! 

After our time with them, we were counting down the days until the wedding.  We were genuinely so excited to celebrate with Megan and Connor!  We knocked out most of the planning through emails, phone calls and FaceTime dates since they live in DC!  As the weeks passed, we were more than ready for the wedding and counting down the days until we could hug them again! (Shoutout to Megan here…she is a natural at planning and was on top of the entire process!  She is SO GOOD! #dreamclient) 

The weather, the flowers, the dress…every single detail fell into place perfectly for these two!!  The ceremony was one of the most memorable, beautiful celebration.  Not only was Sts. Mary and John Catholic Church in Evansville, Indiana absolutely stunning, but hearing the vows, feeling the love and watching a new marriage begin was enough to make me cry all day!!  They did it!!! Megan and Connor are married!!!! WOO!!

We cannot wait another second to share these images..those smiles say it all!! It was sincerely the best day ever!  Congratulations to the newlyweds!! We love you two so, so much!!♥️

How did you meet?

It was a sunny Thursday afternoon, around 3pm, red hats and purple shirts filled the room. Sounds like the most romantic first date you’ve ever been on, right? Connor and I both worked crazy jobs when we first met, and an early afternoon dinner was all we could fit on the books (I know, you’re thinking we are the coolest humans on the planet right now). I was right in the middle of harvest and Connor was juggling his day job with coaching high school girls soccer at my alma mater, Evansville Memorial. We met through online dating, but the only reason we both admitted our initial attraction to each other was because we both had profile pictures of our pups. We planned to meet for pizza on our short breaks between shifts, and he agreed to pick me up at my parents house, because what twenty something year old doesn’t want free rent? I watched this white Ford Fusion pull in and out stepped this blonde haired, blue eyed goober in high-water jeans, button-down shirt, and boat shoes. He was just about the cutest thing I’d ever seen. First dates are always awkward, but this one was different. I was relaxed and we started poking fun each other with jokes as soon as we got our appetizers. I shortly knew this was the man I was going to marry….it only took him two years to catch up. This man has surprised me in every way possible. Through endless moves (Indiana to Maryland, and then all over the D.C. metro area) he has remained constant and so loving. We are so blessed and thrilled to be one of Tinder’s success stories, apparently they don’t all end this well but we’re excited to continue ours!

How did he propose? Tell us the whole story!!

“I had plans to go out with my girlfriend Jeannie that evening, it was Taco Tuesday, so where else would we be besides a Mexican restaurant downing margs? Connor and I had just recently adopted two horses, and Jeannie kept bugging me to stop by the barn to see them. I had already had a long day and all I wanted was some tacos and tequila, so we decided to stop by the barn another day. As we’re sitting there, margarita in hand, I get a call that one of my horses had gone down and we weren’t sure what was going on. As a horse person, I was asking every sort of question, trying to avoid another trip to the barn. Would the horse be fine until morning, is he bleeding, is anything broken, etc, etc, etc? Panic quickly set in as the narrative of the horse’s condition strangely got worse each time I decided it wasn’t urgent enough for me to leave dinner and head to the barn. I called Connor and he convinced me I should head to the barn to check on things. As I arrived, I noticed the barn lights were off, but I was so worried about the horse that I couldn’t spare any additional thoughts on it. I ran into the barn and turned all the lights on, and there stood Connor, in a suit, holding a dozen roses, and our two dogs at his side. First off, I’m thinking, is those horse ok? Second, why are you in the barn wearing a suit? He starts to laugh. Panic brain is a thing, because I had absolutely no idea what was happening until he knelt down on one knee. He began to talk about our life together, how in two years we’ve made it through more than most married couples of ten, and that he couldn’t imagine spending his life with anyone but me. He continued on, our two pups dutifully sitting right next to him, and then proceeded to pull out the most beautiful ring I’d ever seen. I melted, obviously said yes, and then continued to take some awkward engagement photos that Connor will never let me live down.” -Megan

What is one interesting or random fact about each of you?

Connor can get a sunburn on a cloudy day in less than twenty minutes and Megan can turn a perfectly clean kitchen into a warzone after baking just a dozen cookies.


Megan and Connor0001.jpg
Megan and Connor0002.jpg
Megan and Connor0003.jpg
Megan and Connor0004.jpg
Megan and Connor0005.jpg
Megan and Connor0006.jpg
Megan and Connor0007.jpg
Megan and Connor0008.jpg
Megan and Connor0009.jpg
Megan and Connor0010.jpg
Megan and Connor0011.jpg
Megan and Connor0012.jpg
Megan and Connor0013.jpg
Megan and Connor0014.jpg
Megan and Connor0015.jpg
Megan and Connor0016.jpg
Megan and Connor0017.jpg
Megan and Connor0018.jpg
Megan and Connor0019.jpg
Megan and Connor0020.jpg
Megan and Connor0021.jpg
Megan and Connor0022.jpg
Megan and Connor0023.jpg
Megan and Connor0024.jpg
Megan and Connor0025.jpg
Megan and Connor0026.jpg
Megan and Connor0027.jpg
Megan and Connor0028.jpg
Megan and Connor0029.jpg
Megan and Connor0030.jpg
Megan and Connor0031.jpg
Megan and Connor0032.jpg
Megan and Connor0033.jpg
Megan and Connor0034.jpg
Megan and Connor0035.jpg
Megan and Connor0036.jpg
Megan and Connor0037.jpg
Megan and Connor0038.jpg
Megan and Connor0039.jpg
Megan and Connor0040.jpg
Megan and Connor0041.jpg
Megan and Connor0042.jpg
Megan and Connor0043.jpg
Megan and Connor0044.jpg
Megan and Connor0045.jpg
Megan and Connor0046.jpg
Megan and Connor0047.jpg
Megan and Connor0048.jpg
Megan and Connor0049.jpg
Megan and Connor0050.jpg
Megan and Connor0051.jpg
Megan and Connor0052.jpg
Megan and Connor0054.jpg
Megan and Connor0055.jpg
Megan and Connor0056.jpg
Megan and Connor0053.jpgMegan and Connor0057.jpg
Megan and Connor0058.jpg
Megan and Connor0059.jpg
Megan and Connor0060.jpg
Megan and Connor0061.jpg
Megan and Connor0062.jpg
Megan and Connor0063.jpg
Megan and Connor0064.jpg
Megan and Connor0065.jpg
Megan and Connor0066.jpg
Megan and Connor0067.jpg
Megan and Connor0068.jpg
Megan and Connor0069.jpg
Megan and Connor0070.jpg
Megan and Connor0071.jpg
Megan and Connor0072.jpg
Megan and Connor0073.jpg
Megan and Connor0074.jpg
Megan and Connor0075.jpg
Megan and Connor0076.jpg
Megan and Connor0077.jpg
Megan and Connor0078.jpg
Megan and Connor0079.jpg
Megan and Connor0080.jpg
Megan and Connor0081.jpg
Megan and Connor0082.jpg
Megan and Connor0083.jpg
Megan and Connor0084.jpg
Megan and Connor0085.jpg
Megan and Connor0086.jpg
Megan and Connor0087.jpg
Megan and Connor0088.jpg
Megan and Connor0089.jpg
Megan and Connor0090.jpg
Megan and Connor0091.jpg
Megan and Connor0092.jpg
Megan and Connor0093.jpg
Megan and Connor0094.jpg
Megan and Connor0095.jpg
Megan and Connor0096.jpg
Megan and Connor0097.jpg
Megan and Connor0098.jpg
Megan and Connor0099.jpg
Megan and Connor0100.jpg
Megan and Connor0101.jpg
Megan and Connor0102.jpg
Megan and Connor0103.jpg
Megan and Connor0104.jpg
Megan and Connor0105.jpg
Megan and Connor0106.jpg
Megan and Connor0107.jpg
Megan and Connor0108.jpg
Megan and Connor0109.jpg
Megan and Connor0110.jpg
Megan and Connor0111.jpg
Megan and Connor0112.jpg
Megan and Connor0113.jpg
Megan and Connor0114.jpg
Megan and Connor0115.jpg
Megan and Connor0116.jpg
Megan and Connor0117.jpg
Megan and Connor0118.jpg
Megan and Connor0119.jpg
Megan and Connor0120.jpg
Megan and Connor0121.jpg
Megan and Connor0122.jpg
Megan and Connor0123.jpg
Megan and Connor0124.jpg
Megan and Connor0125.jpg
Megan and Connor0126.jpg
Megan and Connor0127.jpg
Megan and Connor0128.jpg
Megan and Connor0129.jpg


The Vendors:

Ceremony Venue:  Sts. Mary and John Catholic Church

Reception Venue:  Tanglewood Wedding & Events Barn
Staionary:  Bailey Marie Studio
Hair Stylist:  Hanna Williams Salon — Hanna Williams
Makeup Artist:  Katelyn Ross Studio
Cake Artist:  Second Street Sweets
Caterer:  Tanglewood Wedding & Events Barn
Florist:  Schnucks Floral  — Donna Vanwinkle

Musician/DJ:  Sonus DJ
Bridesmaids Dresses:  Azazie

Gown Boutique:  House of White

Groom Boutique:  Menguin
Videographer:  Jacob Embry

Officiant:  Friar John Bamman

Rings:  Groom – Diamond Galleria  | Bride – Tiffany & Co.



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Sweet Honey Workshop at White Chateau

Our Signature Bright, Clean, Timeless Editing Style

A Snuggly Yellow Creek Park Engagement Session

A Dreamy Sunset Session in The Arizona Desert