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We are Bret and Brandie, best friends, high school sweethearts, and husband & wife wedding photographers.This is where you will find our latest work and other fun happenings! We hope you enjoy your visit to our home on the web! Curious about who we are?







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October 11, 2018

A Historic Riverside Engagement Session

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Laurence and Kellar | Rockport, IN

Laurence and Keller | Engaged0007.jpg

Guys, today is the first official “feels like fall” day here in southern Indiana and we are sooooo excited. There is just something so relaxing about opening the windows to crisp fall air. I can’t wait to snuggle in with my coffee, Carson, and an episode of Friends in the morning before we start our day. Not to mention, the excitement that surrounds the thought of cozy evenings, pumpkin carvings, and soup, soup, and more soup! Taco soup can hit me right in the soul, YUM!! As I sit and think about what is to come in this next season, I can’t help but think of one of our last sessions that we shot in the midst of all the heat and humidity. Meet Laurence and Kellar!!

Laurence and Kellar have been wedding guests at several weddings that we have shot throughout the years. We instantly fell in love with them watching them dance on the dance floor! It’s pretty easy to fall head-over-heels for a couple like them, though, full of so much laughter and giddiness. We were so stoked when they contacted us to set up an engagement session! Laurence and Kellar are actually planning a destination wedding. Oh, and the wedding is this weekend!!!! How crazy is it that that we got to celebrate with them just this past week? Better late than never, right?!! 

When planning this sweet session, you could hear in their tones of voice how excited they were to be getting married. The two of them just wanted something simple and beautiful that concentrated on their once in a lifetime love. As we talked, it was discussed how much they enjoyed looking at our sessions in our hometown of Rockport, Indiana. They didn’t have to twist our arm too much to convince us to shoot in our quaint little town, but then again we may be a little biased…

We started out in downtown Rockport on Main Street. The light decided to peek through all of the right places at all the right times. They both were killing the style game, but can we talk about Laurence for a hot minute?!?! Have you ever seen someone that is so effortlessly gorgeous?! Her adorable yellow dress added just the right punch of color and I loved the contrast that Kellar added to the scene with those navy tones.  After we ventured around town for a while, we decided to head out to the outskirts of town to capture some sunset photos! The light was MAGICAL, but those pesky mosquitoes…not so much LOL. We were blessed with what I would consider a sunset from my dreams AHHHH IT WAS GORGEOUS!! Let’s add in some possible #1 contender outfits for our Style Guide and we’ve got ourselves some beautiful photos. I don’t think that a floral dress will ever go out of style. There is something so classy and chic about Laurence’s dress! Currently getting a little giddy looking over all of these photos!! I mean look at those giggles and smiles — they make my heart so full!!

We had such a blast dancing around Rockport hitting a few of favorite spots while we chased down the sunlight. One of my favorite parts of any session is chasing down that sunlight!! Laurence and Kellar, you all made this session one to remember. Thank you for spending your evening giggling and snuggling with us! We pray that your destination wedding is magical and wish you absolutely nothing but the best!!

Laurence and Keller | Engaged0005.jpgLaurence and Keller | Engaged0001.jpg
Laurence and Keller | Engaged0002.jpg
Laurence and Keller | Engaged0003.jpg
Laurence and Keller | Engaged0004.jpg
Laurence and Keller | Engaged0006.jpg
Laurence and Keller | Engaged0007.jpg
Laurence and Keller | Engaged0008.jpg
Laurence and Keller | Engaged0009.jpg
Laurence and Keller | Engaged0010.jpg
Laurence and Keller | Engaged0011.jpg
Laurence and Keller | Engaged0012.jpg
Laurence and Keller | Engaged0013.jpg
Laurence and Keller | Engaged0014.jpg
Laurence and Keller | Engaged0015.jpg
Laurence and Keller | Engaged0016.jpg
Laurence and Keller | Engaged0017.jpg
Laurence and Keller | Engaged0018.jpg
Laurence and Keller | Engaged0019.jpg
Laurence and Keller | Engaged0020.jpg
Laurence and Keller | Engaged0021.jpg
Laurence and Keller | Engaged0022.jpg
Laurence and Keller | Engaged0023.jpg
Laurence and Keller | Engaged0024.jpg
Laurence and Keller | Engaged0025.jpg
Laurence and Keller | Engaged0026.jpg
Laurence and Keller | Engaged0027.jpg
Laurence and Keller | Engaged0028.jpg
Laurence and Keller | Engaged0029.jpg
Laurence and Keller | Engaged0030.jpg
Laurence and Keller | Engaged0031.jpg
Laurence and Keller | Engaged0032.jpg
Laurence and Keller | Engaged0033.jpg
Laurence and Keller | Engaged0034.jpg
Laurence and Keller | Engaged0035.jpg
Laurence and Keller | Engaged0036.jpg
Laurence and Keller | Engaged0037.jpg
Laurence and Keller | Engaged0038.jpg
Laurence and Keller | Engaged0039.jpg



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