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We are Bret and Brandie, best friends, high school sweethearts, and husband & wife wedding photographers.This is where you will find our latest work and other fun happenings! We hope you enjoy your visit to our home on the web! Curious about who we are?







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October 11, 2018

A Rustic Wedding at Cecil Farms


Lindsey and CJ | Owensboro, KY

Lindsey and CJ | Blog0053.jpg

Well, unfortunately, I think summer is here to stay. All I want in this life is to drink my PSL in the cool fall air…is that too much to ask?! *insert eye roll* This southern Indiana heat has yet to pass and let’s not even get started on these monstrous mosquitos that are taking over!! I wanted to get my mind off of this dreaded heat and humidity, so what a better way to pass the time then to reminisce on sweet Lindsey and CJ’s wedding day!! Ahhh, I do not even know where to begin, so let’s start from the very beginning! Bret and I were oh so excited to shoot this special day and we knew it would be beautiful from our very first coffee date at Starbucks in Owensboro, Kentucky. We laughed and laughed the entire time as we dreamt up their dream wedding. We couldn’t wait to watch them celebrate with their family and friends at the barn on Cecil Farms property in Owensboro. These two had big beautiful dreams and we could not wait for them to unfold!! After months of waiting and dreaming, their big day was here — Lindsey and CJ got married and it. was. marvelous!!!!

We were uber excited when we arrived at the Robinette House in Owensboro as everyone was getting ready. This sweet little retreat was nestled in the rolling hills of Kentucky and was surrounded by acres and acres of farmland. The view was so picturesque and I literally felt like we were on top of the world. This cute little bed and breakfast is where all of the girls were spending their morning getting ready. Can we talk about these bridesmaids for a second? I am talking #bridetribeGOALS. Every single one of those sweet gals was so loving and supportive toward Lindsey. They each had a special way about them. They were cool, calm, and collected as they served their BFF. One of my favorite parts of wedding days is watching the bride being loved and spoiled in the BEST way possible by her girls. These girls blew all expectations out of the water!! Plus, have you ever seen cooler bridesmaid dresses?! I am dying over all that glitz and glitter!! There is just something so invigorating about sparkle on a wedding day!!

Before the ceremony even got started, I instantly knew that it was going to be a magical day — I’m talking like unicorn magical! Watching Lindsey put her dress on and quietly put final touches on, oh my gosh — it was such an enchanting, soft, and slow moment. I mean, look at her! Have you ever seen a more beautiful bride?!? Look at all that lace and those awesome blue heels that Lindsey is rocking! We can’t forget that bouquet…look at all that greenery!! That bouquet is what Pinterest dreams are made of. Before we knew it, it was time to venture out for their first look. And if you have followed us for any time at all, you know that first looks are EVERYTHING to us!!

Once again, back to those bridesmaids — watching them escort her to their first look location, placing her dress perfectly around her, and fluffing for the absolute perfect moment with CJ was PRICELESS. CJ was waiting for us patiently in his dapper blue tux. We are totally loving the navy and camel shoe combo right now — so classic and timeless! Time stood still as that moment unfolded before us. CJ turned around and both of them exclaimed!! Since meeting CJ, we knew he wasn’t an overly emotional guy…(I mean he IS a man, am I right?), but in that moment, his face said it all! I am sitting here with goosebumps as I think back on the moment!! That hug, the smiles, and the look in his eyes! It was super obvious that he was smitten. 

We had soooooo much fun with their portraits! We knocked out all of their bride and groom portraits, as well as the bridal party photos. We even had time to venture to the barn for some photos. It was so fun for us to just slow down and treasure every moment. In our business, sometimes there is a lot of “hustle and bustle”, but not on this day! There was no stress and the day continued to be calm, relaxing and oh so beautiful. We could not have asked for a more lovely day — the weather gods were looking down on us that day!! 

Lindsey and CJ tied the knot at Cecil Farms out on the veranda. The ceremony overlooked the hills and farmland — talk about a STUNNING backdrop! Watching them say “I do” beneath the setting sun was to-die-for! As they sealed the deal with their first kiss, family and friends let out a joyous applause. I had never seen anything sweeter as than when the newlyweds giggled down the aisle!!

We loved watching them dance the night away — so much dancing! The barn was full of so much love and happiness. It was truly a celebration in every single sense of the word! In my opinion, twinkle lights in a barn make any night more memorable (and also make for some pretty pictures ;)) We cannot wait to see what their future holds. Lindsey and CJ, we wish you both nothing but the very BEST!

What are your favorite activities to do together?

Hiking, kayaking, walking our dogs, having drinks on the porch, planning trips!

How did he propose?

“He proposed at Lighthouse Landing on KY Lake after a sweet dinner at Patti’s. We had rescheduled our anniversary dinner for that night due to work schedules and he proposed on the dock behind the lighthouse! When got out there he told me he thought that would be the perfect time to propose…. but he left the ring in the car. LOL. He said “I’ll be right back!” And left me there in shock with excitement. When he got back he kneeled and opened the box. He told me he loved me and we were all smiles! After we hugged he said “I don’t think you actually said yes!” And I said “I don’t think you officially asked!!” So he asked me to marry him. It was adorable and just fit our relationship perfectly.” -Lindsey

Do you have any pets together?

4 dogs!!!! Harvey, Harper, Sophie & Gunner

Lindsey and CJ | Blog0001.jpg
Lindsey and CJ | Blog0002.jpg
Lindsey and CJ | Blog0003.jpg
Lindsey and CJ | Blog0004.jpg
Lindsey and CJ | Blog0005.jpg
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Lindsey and CJ | Blog0040.jpg
Lindsey and CJ | Blog0041.jpg
Lindsey and CJ | Blog0042.jpg
Lindsey and CJ | Blog0043.jpg
Lindsey and CJ | Blog0044.jpg
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Lindsey and CJ | Blog0046.jpg
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Lindsey and CJ | Blog0048.jpg
Lindsey and CJ | Blog0049.jpg
Lindsey and CJ | Blog0050.jpg
Lindsey and CJ | Blog0051.jpg
Lindsey and CJ | Blog0052.jpg
Lindsey and CJ | Blog0053.jpg
Lindsey and CJ | Blog0054.jpg
Lindsey and CJ | Blog0055.jpg
Lindsey and CJ | Blog0056.jpg
Lindsey and CJ | Blog0057.jpg
Lindsey and CJ | Blog0058.jpg
Lindsey and CJ | Blog0059.jpg
Lindsey and CJ | Blog0060.jpg
Lindsey and CJ | Blog0061.jpg
Lindsey and CJ | Blog0062.jpg
Lindsey and CJ | Blog0063.jpg
Lindsey and CJ | Blog0064.jpg
Lindsey and CJ | Blog0065.jpg
Lindsey and CJ | Blog0066.jpg
Lindsey and CJ | Blog0067.jpg
Lindsey and CJ | Blog0068.jpg
Lindsey and CJ | Blog0069.jpg
Lindsey and CJ | Blog0070.jpg
Lindsey and CJ | Blog0071.jpg
Lindsey and CJ | Blog0072.jpg
Lindsey and CJ | Blog0073.jpg
Lindsey and CJ | Blog0074.jpg
Lindsey and CJ | Blog0075.jpg
Lindsey and CJ | Blog0076.jpg
Lindsey and CJ | Blog0077.jpg
Lindsey and CJ | Blog0078.jpg
Lindsey and CJ | Blog0079.jpg
Lindsey and CJ | Blog0081.jpgLindsey and CJ | Blog0080.jpg
Lindsey and CJ | Blog0082.jpg
Lindsey and CJ | Blog0083.jpg
Lindsey and CJ | Blog0084.jpg
Lindsey and CJ | Blog0085.jpg
Lindsey and CJ | Blog0086.jpg
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Lindsey and CJ | Blog0088.jpg
Lindsey and CJ | Blog0089.jpg
Lindsey and CJ | Blog0090.jpg
Lindsey and CJ | Blog0091.jpg
Lindsey and CJ | Blog0092.jpg
Lindsey and CJ | Blog0093.jpg
Lindsey and CJ | Blog0094.jpg
Lindsey and CJ | Blog0095.jpg
Lindsey and CJ | Blog0096.jpg
Lindsey and CJ | Blog0097.jpg
Lindsey and CJ | Blog0098.jpg
Lindsey and CJ | Blog0099.jpg
Lindsey and CJ | Blog0100.jpg
Lindsey and CJ | Blog0101.jpg
Lindsey and CJ | Blog0102.jpg
Lindsey and CJ | Blog0103.jpg
Lindsey and CJ | Blog0104.jpg
Lindsey and CJ | Blog0105.jpg
Lindsey and CJ | Blog0106.jpg
Lindsey and CJ | Blog0107.jpg
Lindsey and CJ | Blog0108.jpg
Lindsey and CJ | Blog0109.jpg
Lindsey and CJ | Blog0110.jpg
Lindsey and CJ | Blog0111.jpg
Lindsey and CJ | Blog0112.jpg
Lindsey and CJ | Blog0113.jpg
Lindsey and CJ | Blog0114.jpg
Lindsey and CJ | Blog0115.jpg
Lindsey and CJ | Blog0116.jpg
Lindsey and CJ | Blog0117.jpg
Lindsey and CJ | Blog0118.jpg
Lindsey and CJ | Blog0119.jpg
Lindsey and CJ | Blog0120.jpg
Lindsey and CJ | Blog0121.jpg
Lindsey and CJ | Blog0122.jpg
Lindsey and CJ | Blog0123.jpg
Lindsey and CJ | Blog0124.jpg
Lindsey and CJ | Blog0125.jpg
Lindsey and CJ | Blog0126.jpg
Lindsey and CJ | Blog0127.jpg
Lindsey and CJ | Blog0128.jpg
Lindsey and CJ | Blog0129.jpg
Lindsey and CJ | Blog0130.jpg
Lindsey and CJ | Blog0131.jpg
Lindsey and CJ | Blog0132.jpg

The Vendors:

Hair Stylist:  Tammy Scott & Tiffany Schraeder
Cake Artist:  Gayla Cakes
Caterer:  Pizza Revolution

Florist:  The Bride – Lindsey Scott

Musician/DJ:  Evansville Mobile Entertainment

Gown Boutique:  Ella Park Bridal

Groom Boutique:  Ella Park Bridal

Videographer:  3 Tree Films

Rings:  Drostes



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