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May 9, 2019

A Southern Indiana Sunset Mini Session



Stefani and Dalton | Mini Session008.jpg

Spring and summertime means more SUNLIGHT! More sunlight and less dreariness means more sunset sessions! We absolutely love our mini sunset sessions this time of year! The bugs aren’t terrible yet and humidity hasn’t hit “just” yet! We were so excited to do a mini sunset session with Stefani and Dalton! We offer these sessions a few times a year and they always seems to be a big hit — especially with our fellas, LOL.  These sessions are only 30 minute sessions so they love the idea of getting in and getting out quick, but all while making their gals happy 🙂 

We will jump at any chance to venture out at sunset to capture dreamy images in the last little bit of sunshine! We were so excited to meet Stefani and Dalton at one of our favorite fields in Rockport, Indiana. We had a blast watching them laugh and giggle their way through their sweet snuggles. The two of them danced, and acted silly as the sun set behind them. Watching them was so much fun and we caught some really beautiful shots!

Stefani and Dalton are not engaged just yet, but the two of them have been together forever. We can’t wait to see where life takes this sweet pair and we enjoyed letting them get some practice in for those future engagement shots 😉

Stefani and Dalton | Mini Session001.jpg
Stefani and Dalton | Mini Session002.jpg
Stefani and Dalton | Mini Session003.jpg
Stefani and Dalton | Mini Session004.jpg
Stefani and Dalton | Mini Session005.jpg
Stefani and Dalton | Mini Session006.jpg
Stefani and Dalton | Mini Session008.jpg
Stefani and Dalton | Mini Session007.jpgStefani and Dalton | Mini Session009.jpg

Stefani and Dalton | Mini Session011.jpg





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