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April 15, 2020

Featured Friendors: Paradise Cakes

Featured Friendors


Bret and Brandie | Featured Vendors | Evansville Indiana | Paradise Cakes

Tell us a bit about you & your business journey.

Well, I grew up in Newburgh and have lived here almost all my life, except for a little while when my husband, Matthew, and I lived in Tennessee. I have two kiddos, Gavin is 11 and Summer is 4. Besides weddings, my calendar revolves around them and their activities. We are a huge Disney family! We are annual passholders and tend to go a few times each year. I also have been running the last few years, mostly local, half marathon races. I went to college at Ivy Tech and University of Southern Indiana where I was a cheerleader and graduated as a social worker. I worked in Evansville for a while using my degree before I started Paradise Cakes from my home kitchen. 

I started Paradise Cakes in 2016. I started doing all types of celebration cakes, but in 2018 decided to only take on wedding cake orders, as that is where my heart lies. I love being able to work closely with a couple and talk about their visions for their wedding and specifically their wedding cake! Most couples I work with have never had the chance to order such an elaborate cake, so I am able to walk them through all the options to create exactly what they need and want. 

What do your normal days look like?

A normal weekday starts with getting the kids up, fed, and off to school, then I am able to head to the cake shop and start working. The beginning of the week I tend to work on mostly paperwork things, ordering supplies for the next few weeks, and making sure I have everything in line to create that week’s wedding cakes. I also tend to schedule my cake consultation and tasting appointments toward the beginning of the week. That way my mind is with that particular couple and not on the cake I’m working on. The middle of the week is mostly baking and starting to fill and ice some of the cakes. And the end of the week is all about decorating, stacking, and last minute details and touches. If I have a wedding that is serving cupcakes, those are always done on Friday. Then Saturday mornings ALWAYS start with coffee before I get ready to deliver the wedding cakes I have been working on during the week.

Bret and Brandie | Featured Vendors | Evansville Indiana | Paradise Cakes

What services do you offer?

Well, mostly anything related to wedding cakes! I offer free consults and tastings to any couple interested in having a Paradise Cake at the wedding. During the consultation, we can start drawing out ideas for their bridal cake and toss around size and design ideas to make sure they have enough servings for all their guests, but not too many at the end of the night. I offer tiered cakes of any size or shape, groom’s cakes, sheet cakes, cupcakes (standard size or minis), and also cake balls and cake pops. My services also include delivery and setup at the couple’s wedding venue. 

What is your favorite tip for a bride & groom about selecting their wedding cake?

I like big cakes….and I cannot lie! 😊 If you have ever talked to me about wedding cakes, you will know this. So when I am sitting with a couple and I can tell the bride wants this tall, fabulous cake, but she knows she only needs xxx amount of servings (not enough for a giant cake), I always suggest dummy cakes. Most people don’t know adding a dummy tier, or two or three, is even an option! And they are super inexpensive compared to adding multiple tiers of real cake. So if you are wanting a centerpiece cake that makes a large statement, even if you are having a small wedding, there are way around that to get you a beautiful, tall wedding cake without the extra cake and stay within your budget. 

Bret and Brandie | Featured Vendors | Evansville Indiana | Paradise Cakes

What does an average timeline look like with you?

My calendar usually books up about 9 months, give or take, in advance. Some dates go quicker than others, for example spring and fall dates. So I tend to tell brides to reach out about 9-12 months in advance, if possible, However, in some cases 6 months in advance will be fine, but to guarantee you will be able to reserve your wedding date, 9 months prior to the wedding date is best. 

What is one fun fact about you?

Fun fact! The freckles on my face aren’t real. They are tattoos! 

What is your favorite wedding tip?

My favorite wedding tip would be make sure you use good posture all day long. You never know when or who is going to snap a picture and you don’t want to look like you are slouching. And ALWAYS make sure you get yourself a piece of cake!

Where can brides find you?

The best place for information is

But you can also find me on Facebook & Instagram!

Bret and Brandie | Featured Vendors | Evansville Indiana | Paradise Cakes

See some of Laura’s work at Dana and Blake’s wedding!





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