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Abby and Wes’s Engagement Session

May 16, 2022

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Oh, Abby and Wes…you two are the CUTEST and photographing you two was pure magic!! ✨  We had the BEST time venturing around downtown Newburgh laughing, talking and taking photos with Abby and Wes!! They are sincerely the most fun + absolutely sweetest couple!! We are SO lucky to work with such incredible souls!📸💕 Get to know this happy couple more by reading their Q/As and keep scrolling to see a sneak peek of their dreamy engagement session!!✨

How did you meet?!

“Back in late 2020, we both swiped right on Bumble…..but nothing came of it and we both ended up deleting our accounts. In March of 2021, we became friends on Facebook and started chatting again through Messenger. A week later we met for the first time at The Landing in Newburgh.”

Do you have a favorite date you’ve ever been on together?

“We have traveled so much over the past year and have so many favorite memories. Garden of the Gods, Seaside on 30A, West Baden in French Lick, Patti’s Settlement, Cabin on the Ridge in Madison Indiana, Opryland Hotel in Nashville and Notre Dame Stadium in South Bend Indiana”

What would the perfect date night look like or include?

“Grilling out at home or ordering pizza, windows open, chilling on the back patio or couch, relaxing with a fire and watching Notre Dame Football or a movie.”

How did he propose?

“On Christmas Eve Eve of 2021, Wes’s family came over to our house for Christmas dinner and presents. After opening all of our gifts, everyone took turns taking pictures in front of the Christmas tree. Everyone was in on the surprise but Abby. Family had their phones and video cameras ready when Wes got down on one knee and popped the question.”

What are your favorite activities to do together?

“Traveling, trying new restaurants/food, running by the river front, country concerts”

What are your favorite shows?

“Yellowstone and Wheel of Fortune”

For the bride: What are three things you love about your groom?

“He works hard, knows how to make me laugh, very supportive, good listener, always motivated and thoughtful!”

For the groom: What are three things you love about your bride?

“She makes me laugh, she can cook, and is a very hard worker.”

If you could go anywhere on a vacation, where would you go?

“Bora Bora – we are going in November for our Honeymoon!”

What is one interesting or random fact about each of you?

“We are both type A personality, clean freaks and OCD”

What was your favorite part of the engagement session?

“Brandie yelling in the background making us laugh and Bret walking in the middle of the street to get the perfect shot! We laughed at how many people texted us saying they saw us along with all the yells, honks and even the police siren of our friends & family saying hello!”

Advice for other couples who are prepping for their engagement session?

“Don’t stress, Bret & Brandie make everything so fun and put you at ease”

Abby and Wes01.jpg
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