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Swift Family // Summer Mini Session

August 16, 2023

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The Swift family, cherished clients who’ve graced our lens before, returned for another heartwarming photo session and we are OBSESSED!! 😍✨💛 Their love and joy radiated just as beautifully as ever during their summer mini session at KWC in Owensboro, Kentucky! Get ready to smile as we share a sneak peek into this sweet Swift family photo session & as you read through their fun Q/As!!! We just love this fam so much!!💕

What is something that makes your family special?

“How we’re (mainly Joanna & Nora) able to make everyday, boring tasks fun (think Bluey style fun) and Joanna says our different skin colors.”

What has been your favorite family vacation so far?

“Joanna says going to Washington to visit friends was her favorite because she and Nora got to share a bedroom and she could “keep an eye on Nora!” Helen, Georgia was also a top favorite trip. It was beautiful with lots of hikes and chill time together.”

If you could choose any way to spend a family night at home, what would you do?

“Grab or make pizza together and then snuggle up for a “movie,” which typically means 8 million episodes of Bluey. Oh and popcorn or s’mores by the campfire. The girls would also like to add they would play barbies all night long!”

What is the best memory you have of your family doing something together?

“We all LOVE going to holiday world together. Water slides, pizza, the Holidog roller coaster, the log ride (Joanna got to ride it for the first time this year!), the list goes on and on, and the laughs the whole time! Best core memories made!!”

What is your favorite family tradition?

“Post first day of school ice cream. Always makes the first day go smoother and brings smiles to the girls’ faces. Going to holiday world at least once during the summer continues to be my favorite family tradition. Sam loves the tradition we have made recently of having hibachi a few times a month. We love the owners and always enjoy the food. Especially as the girls become more adventurous with the foods they will eat. Joanna LOVES all the hot and saucy things and Nora LOVES all things noodles and fried shrimp….even the tails.”

Would you rather time-travel into the past to meet your ancestors or into the future to meet your descendants?

“Joanna wants to go back in time to see herself as a baby and Nora would love to travel into the future to see her babies. Sam and I would rather travel back in time! Sam wants to go back in time a week or 2 with the winning Powerball numbers haha!”

What’s next for your family?!

“We’re getting into our new routine/flow with school and work now. We are looking forward to trips in the future and Joanna and Nora are begging (right now in fact) to go to the Great Wolf Lodge for fall break.”

What was your favorite part of your session with B&B?

“How easily Bret and Brandie relate to our girls and make the session fun from beginning to end. The girls say their favorite part was getting ice cream after pictures.”

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