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November 26, 2022

Jay and Natasha’s Engagement Session



Ahhh!! We could not love these two or this sweet session more!! The moment we met Jay and Natasha we immediately fell in love with this amazing power couple and had the best time during their engagement session!!! These two are the absolute sweetest and oh so fun…can we be best friends?! 😍 Watching these two be snuggly + giggly for their engagement session was simply a dream and we are OBSESSED with these pretty pics! 🍁📸✨

Grab some wine, snuggle in and scroll down to read J&N’s fun Q/As and keep scrolling to see a sneak peek of their engagement session!❤️

How did you meet?!

“The two of us met during our medical training! Jay was just a 2nd year resident and I (Natasha) was a 3rd year medical student. Jay did the honors of taking me under his wing & helping and guiding me through the medical training process. He was extremely helpful, not to mention hilarious and so down-to-earth. He was patient in the whole process. We became the best of friends through the years, until one thing led to another! ☺️”

When did you start dating?

“We started dating in August 2020 :)”

What was your first date?!

“Funny story about this one. There happened to be a tiny mouse stuck in the passenger side mirror of my car. Needless to say, it terrified me and so of course I didn’t want to get it out on my own. I told Jay about it. Next thing I know he is telling me to meet him at his place. I meet him and he is dressed in scrubs, an N95 respirator mask, and gloves, holding a huge stick and picking at my passenger mirror. LOL. Best visual ever. But it worked! And then he took me out for Mexican food & margaritas!”

Do you have a favorite date you’ve ever been on together?

“This is so hard to answer, for the both of us! I think we would agree the trip we took to NYC on Valentine’s Day is high up there on our list of best dates. We had just gone to our jeweler to finalize some very important jewelry, then after that Jay pampered me at the “Aire Ancient Baths” spa. One of the best and most relaxing dates we have been on!”

What would the perfect date night look like or include?

“Having ZERO work responsibilities or obligations, and just having our favorite wine or beer, staying in, and cozying up on the couch! Watching a movie or football!”

When did you get engaged?

“We got engaged June 12th 2022!”

How did he propose?!

“Jay knows that I love traveling, the outdoors, and hiking. So he put a lot of thought into planning out the perfect proposal for me. He planned a full week trip for him, me, and two of our best friends to Las Vegas and hiking at Bryce Canyon National Park. It wasn’t until The last leg of the trip after the four of us had hiked almost 4 or 5 miles up a ginormous canyon, when he took me to the very peak of the canyon with a beautiful view. He told me that he wanted to take a picture with me, and so our friends had their phones out and we’re “taking photos.“ I remember turning my back to look at the view because he told me to look that direction because he thought he saw some thing interesting, so of course I turn to look, however when I turned back to look at him, he was already down on one knee. And there both of us were, sweating, breathing heavy, and out of breath after hiking so many miles! But that surprise literally took all of my breaths away, because it was so loving and so thoughtful! Once I said yes (duh!), The four of us went back to Vegas and we partied it up!”

What are your favorite activities to do together?

“The two of us are always so busy working at the hospital, that there are often times when we don’t get to see each other as much as we would like. But when we do get those precious nights together or the same days off, we honestly love to just relax and enjoy each other‘s company. Whether that means going out on a date for dinner, the movies, shopping, or even just sitting at home having a glass of wine (for me, Bourbon for him) and watching Netflix. Of course, we enjoy being able to travel together and experience new places. We love spending time with our furry baby, and seeing family/friends whenever we can!”

What are your favorite movies?

“Jay is a huge action & sci-fi movie lover, and I am a huge psychological thriller and drama lover. Ever since we started dating, we’ve opened up our minds to each of our movie interests. I have gotten him to see more horror movies, and he has gotten me to see more sci-fi and action movies. Probably our number one favorite movie together though is Jumanji! 😂”

What is your favorite drink?!

“I can never go wrong with a glass of wine after work (white, red, rosé, it really does not matter to me!). If i’m feeling bold, I love to sip on a margarita or a Paloma! Jay is a bourbon man, he in fact made his own version of an old-fashioned called “Bourbon Bhavsar” (ask us about it sometime!) As for non-alcoholic drinks, whenever either of us go grocery shopping, we always ask each other “do you need me to get you any more Lacroix?” 😁😁😁”

What’s your favorite animal?

“This is hilarious. When I first met Jay, he was definitely not an animal person. Me on the other hand, I love every and all animals! I specifically am a huge cat person. As the years went on and as we grew closer, I slowly have started to get him more into loving animals. It is what ultimately led us to getting our fur baby, and I have watched him love and care for him as though he was our baby (which he is!). I take credit for this accomplishment!”

What’s your favorite way to spend the weekend?

“When we both have time off, our favorite ways to spend the weekend or literally just relaxing in our pajamas, playing with our cat, ordering takeout, and watching our favorite movie. Sometimes if I’m lucky, Jay gives me fantastic foot massages. 😂”

For the bride: What are three things you love about your groom?

“I love that he is so selfless, he will literally give up whatever it is that he is doing to tend to the needs of others and I can tell that he does it so wholeheartedly and without hesitancy. This is what also makes him such an outstanding physician, but I know it’ll make him an even better husband. He is also incredibly passionate and overall a down to earth human being. I love him for exactly who he is, and for always being so kind, gentle, and supportive of me, my friends, and my whole family.”

For the groom: What are three things you love about your bride?

“I have fallen in love over and over again with her humor, perserverence, and empathy. She is an inspiration and I am amazed by her focus and determination each day. I fall in love with her a little more every day!”

What do you both do for a living?

“We are both physicians! Jay is a hospitalist and Natasha is completing her Family Medicine training to become an FM-OBGYN provider!”

If you could go anywhere on a vacation, where would you go?

“We both have joked around on this but… the moon. 🤣🤣🤣”

Do you have any pets together?!

“YES! Our precious little cat (or what Natasha likes to call our “baby puma”) Artemis! He is just over a year old and is a diva.”

What is one interesting or random fact about each of you?

“Natasha: I turn into a hyper five year old if you take me to the zoo. If you don’t know how much I love animals, just take me to the zoo & you will soon find out. Jay: I should be the spokesperson for “early bird gets the worm.” I sleep at 9pm and get up at 3am. I am the most productive in the very early hours in the morning, so I get a lot done before I have to go into work!”

What’s something you are both passionate about?

“We are both strongly passionate about our medical careers and growing professionally together. We boost each other up & bounce complicated cases off each other to discuss and learn from them. One thing we love about each other is that we are so supportive and understanding of each other when life and work gets busy. If work has to pull us away from one another for a day or two, no biggie! We will always find our way back to each other”

What was your favorite part of the engagement session?

“HANGING OUT WITH THE AMAZING BRET AND BRANDIE! What kind of silly question is that?! 😍😂 I also loved how much Brandie made Jay and I laugh! The two of you are awesome and such a genuine people, it was so awesome to hang with you guys.”

Where did her outfits come from?

“My outfits came from my own closet! Long white dress was from Windsor. Black dress and sweater were found via online retail therapy!”

Where did his outfits come from?

“Just like me, his big ol’ closet & his expensive tastes. 😁”

Advice for other couples who are prepping for their engagement session?

“Honestly there is no other advice than to just have fun and be your amazing & loving selves! I think one of the most stressful part of getting ready for the session was making sure that me and Jay had our outfits chosen and coordinated, but honestly all of that stress melted away once we were there getting our shoot done! I don’t even think we would’ve cared if our outfits didn’t match, we found ourselves laughing till we cried, and our cheeks were hurting by the end of the session! :)”


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